D’Angelo Releases First Album In 14 Years

D’Angelo Releases First Album In 14 Years

By David Jordan

The much anticipated return of D’Angelo has come to fruition with the release of his new album “Black Messiah.” D’Angelo and the Vanguard bless us with musical genius, refreshing blends of instrumentation and vocals that only D’Angelo can bring. D’Angelo held a listening party for his album in New York City and detailed the audience on the creative vision for his album. “Black Messiah” is now available on iTunes.

D'Angelo's new album "Black Messiah"
D’Angelo’s new album “Black Messiah”


Black Messiah Track List:

1. “Ain’t That Easy”
2. “1000 Deaths”
3. “The Charade”
4. “Sugah Daddy”
5. “Really Love”
6. “Back in the Future (Part I)”
7. “Till It’s Done (Tutu)”
8. “Prayer”
9. “Betray My Heart”
10. “The Door”
11. “Back in the Future (Part II)”
12. “Another Life”

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