John Coltrane Speaks On His Music & Malcolm X | 1966

By David Jordan Jr

Jazz icon John Coltrane typically spoke his words through his horns; either the tenor sax or the alto sax . Words that he left the with the world on paper or on a recording have proven to be deeply impacting and mind provoking.  This interview, which was conducted on August 18, 1966 by Frank Kosfky of Pacifica Radio is one of the last recorded interviews of John Coltrane before his death in July of 1967. The PBS digital series “Blank On Blank”  magically enhanced the radio interview with a very detailed cartoon that correlates with the interaction of Coltrane and Kosfky. In this brief excerpt of the interview, Coltrane talks about his music and the influence of Malcolm X on him and other musicians when it comes to making music.

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