Dick Gregory | Thank You

Dick Gregory | Thank You
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By David Jordan Jr

As the year 2017 comes to a close, we at ESHE Magazine would like to pay homage to the late Dick Gregory. Dick Gregory passed away on August 17, 2017 but the words and ideals which he left the world remain forever. A legacy created by being a pioneer laid the blueprint for those seeking righteousness in all aspects of the world. Dick Gregory broke ground in the world of comedy essentially demanding equality for himself on the stages which he performed and the television shows which he appeared on.ย  The time period of the 1960s was a time where racial inequality, social injustices and poverty deeply affected the landscape of Black America. Gregory literally put his life on the line in many marches and protests across the south; marching on the front lines with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Harry Belafonte to combat racism, Gregory was jailed counteless times.ย  In addition to fighting for racial equality, Gregory was an activist for peace during wars (Vietnam being the first) that took place during his life by not only speaking against these wars but also by going on hunger strikes in efforts to not only bring attention to these problems but to bring forth a resolution. Gregory has been side by side with many of the great black men of the last century; Muhammad Ali, Dr. King, Malcolm X and Bob Marley to name a select few.

The one thing these men all had in common was the heart for fairness, the heart for justice. The words of wisdom given by Gregory and his infinite knowledge that he shared with the world is what will allow his legacy to live on forever. In the words of Mr. Gregory, “information is power” and the information is available for all who seek it. Thank you for your life, thank you for your contributions and most importantly thank you for your warrior spirit Mr. Gregory.

ESHE Magazine Editor In Chief David Jordan Jr & The Late Dick Gregory

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