NFL Legend And Hall Of Famer Eric Dickerson Hosts his 6th Annual Hall of Fame Golf Invitational For the Young Warriors Foundation

By David Jordan Jr

Love, hope, heart, and inspiration. These ingredients are the things that not only create winners but inspire people to move forward in their lives. Whether you’re an athlete or not, in life you will encounter situations and circumstances that will test you and potentially detour you from a positive future.Β  NFL legend and Hall Of Famer Eric Dickerson has made it a priority to ensure that youth are given the fairest and most nurturing environment to excel in their lives. In 2013 Dickerson joined the Young Warriors Foundation as another pillar to ensure that fatherless children receive the love, encouragement, and inspiration needed to reach their full potential. The impact of men mentoring youth is not simply relegated to monetary value; time, words of affirmation and a simple shoulder to lean on is what helps shape children missing the love and guidance from a father. Recently Eric Dickerson hosted his 6th Annual Hall of Fame Golf Invitational benefitting the Young Warriors foundation with a plethora of his NFL fraternal brothers and other celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment. This invitational was held at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California. The day started with all of the guests hitting the golf course for a day of holes and fellowship. NFL and NBA legends engaging with each other with laughter and friendly competition made the day one to remember for all in attendance. The grand finale of the day was the auction of prized memorabilia from sports legends and elegant dinner to cap off the day of charitable giving and honor. Check out the sights and sounds from the 6th Annual Hall of Fame Golf Invitational For the Young Warriors in the gallery below:

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