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Porsha Pressler Releases New Album “Resonate”

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By David Jordan Jr

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Porsha Pressler  recently released her new album titled “Resonate.” As a singer and songwriter, Porsha’s talent was cultivated in a background that was heavily influenced by music. She grew up surrounded by all types of music stemming from gospel to R&B. With Encouragement from her mother to use her voice, it was then that she began to develop her vocal ability and talent in the church choir. As the seed inside of her was cultivating, she saw family and friends embark on musical careers and it was then that she decided to begin her career in music. An opportunity to sing in the “Say What Karaoke” competition on MTV in Las Vegas was a success as she made a mark and was able to gain many valuable things from the experience. It was also during her time in Las Vegas that her musical journey enabled her to meet Jeff, the man that would become her husband. A passion for music both shared, created a bond that has allowed them the opportunity to not only share life together, but to also make beautiful music together not only figuratively, but literally. The album “Resonate” is a compilation carefully selected of intimate poetry, and personal spiritual and metaphysical exploration presented in song.

“Resonate” is available on all digital music platforms.


Follow Porsha On Instagram: @PorshaPressler

“Resonate” Complete Track Listing

1. Royalty

2. Lights, Camera, Action

3. Player #1

4. Sleeping Beauty

5. Timeless

6. Divine Breath

7. I’ve Arrived

8. Ready Player #1

9. Queen of Sleep

10. Time & Time


  1. Emma Peterson says:

    Porsha Pressler is beautiful and has a unique and amazing voice. I believe that her singing career will take her place is beyond her wildest dreams.

  2. Emma Peterson says:

    Correction, I believe Porsha Pressler’s singing career will take her places beyond her wildest dreams.

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