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Meet Cameron Buford | Founder Of What’s Good In Sports

By David Jordan Jr

The beauty of sports and athletics as a whole is its innate ability to connect people all over the world. Sports has provided avenues for communication and interaction that have commonly been closed and nonexistent due to many social ills and problems that have been present in society over the last century. Journalist Cameron Buford has a clear understanding of not only the power of sports but also the power of the great things that many athletes do willingly to not only improve their local community but the world. Founding “What’s Good In Sports” in 2017, Buford has been able to combine his deep love of sports with the athletes and teams that make memories for fans during the games as well as off the playing courts and playing fields. Buford passion for sports and the great things taking place in all aspects of all sports has inspired his platform.  “As a longtime sports fan from Seattle, WA., I’ve also lived in St. Mary’s, Georgia and Hampton, Virginia before settling in Southern California. My life principals have largely been based on the various lessons I’ve learned competing in sports throughout my life. This passion for sports led me to coaching local youth sports on the both east and west coast. Since I have gained so much from my time and experience as an athlete, I wanted to get to understand and share the similar stories about today’s athletes. This desire to understand the person within the athlete has driven me to create multiple forums for me to share my findings with like minded people and fans. My Voice of the Fans podcast can be heard on multiple platforms including, but not limited too, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and the Anchor app.. Additionally, I founded the website as another forum to share my thoughts with the public.  From heavyweight boxing matches, NCAA Athletics, exclusive NFL stories and NBA behind the scenes stories, “What’s Good In Sports” has created the atmosphere for fans to further engage with their favorite teams and athletes on a more intimate level.

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WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 2018 | Mental Health Advocate Erica Davis-Crump Champions Mental Well Being Globally

By David Jordan Jr

In recognition of World MentalHhealth Day 2018, ESHE Magazine recognizes mental health advocate Erica Davis-Crump. A woman that truly understands the impact mental health has on one’s life, Erica Davis-Crump has been a beacon of light and a stream of knowledge for individuals in the world that have encountered obstacles and difficulties with personal well being and mental health. Residing in the state of New Mexico, Davis-Crump has used her platform as an advocate to foster change, educate youth and inspire many to live a life of positivity. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Erica about her life and how she became interested in mental health and what inspires her in her work.

DJJ: How did you become interested in mental health?

EDC: Lived experience, initially, I completely stumbled upon suicide awareness when I was working for a non-profit as their education coordinator. We were due to spearhead a program in schools about suicide prevention based in mental health awareness and it was very much a “you gotta get this done” tone to it. I found that I would share pieces of my lived experiences to these high schoolers and it just came so easy. I felt like I was talking to me at 15/16. That was almost 6 years ago. I also found that I had shared experiences with my childhood friends. We are all mothers now, and when we had a talk about what I was doing at work it all just came out. “Oh you dealt with that too? My parents said not to talk about it too!” So many things came out, and I feel it confirmed for me to continue speaking and educating about being aware of your mental health and seeking the help that’s necessary for one’s well being.

DJJ: What inspires you in your work?

EDC: The way that our society and culture unhealthily promotes emotional dysfunction, isolation, and this robotic sense of living. This also would be more like who, but definitely anyone that needs to hear that you are enough. I feel everyone endures the ebb and flow of their whole health and all too often the overlooked state of our minds. We can’t continue to want to discuss whole health without addressing all aspects of a person and each unique aspect of one’s health.


DJJ: Working with all types of people, what is something that you learn with each new person that you work with/talk to?

EDC: We are so much more alike than we are different. We all long for stability, connection/community, and success.

DJJ: Discuss the importance of self-esteem in youth and adults.

EDC: I really believe that many adults harbor a wounded child. Many of us grew up in textbook dysfunction, and while we were resilient and doing what was needed to survive those coping mechanisms were more than likely unhealthy. A healthy self-esteem is crucial at every stage of life. I feel it gets confused with ego, which is also necessary and healthy. But our sense of self-esteem and worth is our anchor in life and when that anchor has been enveloped in dysfunction, trauma, or neglect there is much healing and unlearning to be done for anyone with a lacking/low self-esteem.

Erica has also been able to impact middle school youth and facilitate positive change in their lifestyles. She has developed the Inner Beauty Summit for young girls of color in five different middle schools. This program was developed in partnership with the New Mexico Office of African American Affairs and has occurred two years in a row, now catering to over 300 young girls ages 11-14. The focus that she curated for this program included personal hygiene, suicide awareness and prevention, mental health, healthy relationships, and hair care. She added a playlist that correlated to each subject as well, creating a total scope of the relationship between physical well being and mental well being.

Erica Davis- Crump specializes in youth advocacy through positive development techniques, wellness, and mental health awareness. For the past five years, she has trained and presented in every county in New Mexico, to over 30,000 students and parents. She is two time TEDx alumni speaker and an involved member within the communities of New Mexico. Erica’s lived experience with various mental health concerns, and as a suicide attempt survivor has motivated her to address these common issues in the community. She is certified and specializes in suicide awareness and prevention, where she works to destigmatize the issues surrounding mental health. Erica hopes that with each training experience she provides, students and their families gain a deeper sense of connection to their invaluable self-worth that can enable a strengthened community.

Stand Sexy CEO And Chief Designer Ninfa Nikki Talks About Fashion And Changing The Culture Of The Fashion Industry

By David Jordan Jr

Passion, precision and perfection. Three distinct qualities that ultimately lead to masterful creations. In the world of fashion, these elements create the foundation for unique designs that not only capture the eye but hold its own place in being a timeless piece. Ninfa Nikki, the CEO and Chief Designer of “Stand Sexy,” has used her passion for fashion and design to create a collection that is unique in design, style, and inspiration.  Nikki was inspired to get into fashion and clothing design by her mother who taught children in rural Mexico. As a designer, Nikki has goals of changing the young fashion industry by generating a shift towards more culture being visible.  Colors that speak, designs that command attention and a celebrated cultural aesthetic of various cultures are staples of the Stand Sexy women’s fashion line. Nikki’s culture, upbringing in Mexico and fashion sense are things that she has been able to celebrate and share with the world through Stand Sexy. “My interest in design and fashion came from my involvement in art from a young age, and my natural draw to the creative process. I think being raised in Mexico surrounds one in an atmosphere of intense culture and art, which contributed to my fascination with design. I’m intrigued by beauty, high fashion, and the sex appeal of art. Seeing a dress through; from sketching prototypes to sewing the final piece vitalizes and fulfills me, and is the perfect blend of my passions. Looking back, it’s clear to me that the culture of my homeland lives through me.”

Jack Petrison, President & Creative Director of Stand Sexy and also the son of Nikki has propelled the company’s growth with his world perspective. Currently studying at Stanford University (majoring in both Science, Technology & Society and Philosophy), Petrison has been able to utilize his studies and real-world experiences to continue to shape the company’s forward ascension.

Each design has an inspirational, unique story that is visible through the craftsmanship. Check out these different designs and Nikki’s inspiration for each one.

Chasing Cherry
Chasing Cherry was an effort in reliving my childhood passion of dancing. I created the piece with an elegant, floating ballerina in mind. This dress reminds me of Mexican ballet performances and dancing with my family.

Summer Sail
Summer Sail was inspired by my many days spent in crowded subways, malls, and sidewalks. Made for attention, this dress makes its wearer stick out and look cute in the crowd, yet still feel comfortable, classy and sexy at the same time. 

Red Rain
Red Rain reminds me sharply of my family, Christmas time and Mexican culture. Red has long been my favorite color and reminds me of the colors I see around my house during Christmas. 

Blue Babe
Blue Babe was my first attempt at designing when I fully committed myself to the discipline of fashion design. This dress was inspired by a vacation; the only thing that beats the comfort of a hotel robe is if that robe was fashionable. My solution was Blue Babe, an open-front look that wears easy and sexy.

An autumn creation meant to be worn outdoors and in fall weather. Inspired by the gorgeous weather, here’s something to match the autumn views.

100 Queens
100 Queens was inspired by pure sexiness: A see-through, exposed midriff combined with a flowing outpour of flowers on the bottom accentuates the womanly shape of legs. At the same time, this piece is wearable and is striking in any setting. 

Kiss the Sky
Kiss the Sky was inspired by my younger self’s visions of being a princess. A gift to the child version of myself, this dignified dress supplies the wearer with a Princess mentality and has the graceful aesthetics to match.

Lady in Leaves
Lady in Leaves was inspired by the power of red — a sexy, energetic, commanding color that you can’t go wrong with. Capitalizing on red’s uniqueness, the sparkling sequins on top were inspired by a trip to New York and the relative “sparkle” of dresses in storefronts. 

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By David Jordan Jr

A ball and a dream. That’s how it starts out for many young basketball players. The roundball and the dream of making it to the NBA. For Smush Parker this was a dream that became a reality. Through endless hours of hard work, perseverance, dedication and personal belief, Parkers was able to carve out a six-year NBA career while embarking on a successful career internationally despite not being drafted by an NBA team when he declared for the 2002 NBA draft. Parker returned to Los Angeles to host an Elite Basketball Clinic for kids at world famous Venice Beach. Free to attendees, this clinic focused on the fundamentals of the game while also emphasizing the importance of dedication, commitment and hard work to attaining goals.

After today’s clinic, Parker spoke with ESHE Magazine Editor In Chief David Jordan Jr about the clinic and the importance of kids working hard to achieve their dreams.

ESHE Magazine Founder And Editor In Chief Nominated For Distinguished Alumni Award

Congratulations to ESHE Magazine founder and Editor In Chief David Jordan Jr on recently being nominated for the Distinguished Alumni Award by the University of Phoenix. David earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2008. The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes outstanding alumni who have used their education to excel professionally, provide inspirational leadership to others and provide service to the community. Academically, athletically and professionally David continues to embody the essence of ESHE through his hard work. We salute you.

Harley Di Nardo Releases Dead Envy

By David Jordan Jr

Many times it is said that art imitates life and that life imitates art. Harley Di Nardo’s newly released film “Dead Envy” epitomizes this saying. Along with Di Nardo, Dead Envy stars Carla Wynn, Brandon Heath, Chrissy Bonilla, Michael Horvath, Adam Reeser and Samantha Smart. This film is based on life instances of starring director Harley Di Nardo. A musician looking to return back to prime form, Dead Envy shows how the intended taken road may have other curves that are subject to pop up and make one wonder where exactly they are going.  At the recent screening for the film, Di Nardo spoke about the film and what inspired its creation. “I actually own hair salons and I’ve had two albums out in my life, I’m a Rock and Roller. I’ve always been infatuated with John Lennon being murdered by Mark Chapman. He thought he was a phony. I kind of modeled the stalker after him. Music and the hair salon came from what I know and the came from adding this stalker thriller. If I had to describe the film in one word, it would be suspense.”


Harley Di Nardo
Carla Wynn
Brandon Heath
Chrissy Bonilla
Michael Horvath
Samantha Smart



This film will be released on DVD, cable, digital HD,  iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play and Vudu, on September 3rd, 2018. Check out the trailer for “Dead Envy.”

#FRENZY | Sharknado Week 2018

By David Jordan Jr

With summer 2018 in full swing, the common summer staples are visible everywhere. Sunshine, summer clothing, beaches, and oceans are what instantly come to mind when one thinks of summer. One thing that oceans contain that can you may forget about are sharks. Sharknado Week began on the SyFy Network this week, a week filled with movies of shark encompassed adventures and stories. August 15th will be the world premiere of “Frenzy,” a film directed by Jose Montesinos. A MarVista production starring Aubrey Reynolds, Gina Vitori, Lanett Tachel, and Taylor Jorgensen, this film shows how a group of friends seeking a seemingly fun vacation for a Vlog on the water turns into a do or die situation controlled by ruthless sharks in the middle of the ocean.

Director Jose Montesinos

Director Jose Montesinos spoke about the title of the film, the making of the film and how the audience would feel after watching Frenzy. ” The producer came up with the title Frenzy because he wanted to do something that would capture the attention with it airing during SyFy Shark Week and because it’s three sharks you think FRENZY. We only had 12 days to shoot and the preproduction process started about a month and a half before shooting. We shot in Thailand so we had to rewrite the script to match what we were shooting. The audience  will definitely come out with a feeling of relief at the end of the film, but there is also a relationship between the two sisters and there is also the survival aspect for people to relate to as well.” This thriller is sure to have you looking over your shoulder the next time you’re in the ocean.  Frenzy premiers on SyFy August 15th.

Sri Lanka Day 2018

By David Jordan Jr
A day full of amazing spirit, great food, and cultural love; this defined  Sri Lanka Day Expo 2018. Held in Pasadena, California at the City Hall building, attendees had the opportunity to fully experience a day of Sri Lankan life and culture without having to pull out their passports. The expo was put on by the Sri Lanka Foundation and this year’s event marked the 12th annual celebration.

Officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is an island in South Asia. A country of tremendous history and diverse culture, the 2018 Expo showcased how the rich history of Sri Lanka has influenced Sri Lankan culture not only in its homeland but in the United States of America. Festive in music and food, one could walk in any direction and engage with the beauty of Sri Lanka. The main stage was home to multiple acts of entertainment throughout the day. The Sri Lanka Cultural Show presented many different types of acts for all to enjoy. Saxophonists, singers and fusion dancers all took the stage, putting on amazing performances and creating a living soundtrack for the day. The live entertainment provided a beautiful introduction to those that may not have been very familiar with traditional music and dance of Sri Lanka.

While listening to music, one could venture throughout the Expo grounds and allow their nose to carry them to any of the food vendors which were present. Many traditional dishes of the country were available everywhere for consumption. Lamprais, Sri Lankan rice & curry, and Hoppers were a few of the cuisines that countless people waited in line to have on their plates. “Hoppers, a staple of Sri Lanka cuisine was a clear favorite of many of the attendees at the 2018 expo.
Dr. Walter Jayasinghe M.D., MPH, Founder of the Sri Lanka Foundation spoke about the importance of the expo and how it’s uniqueness is a pathway for everybody to come together. “First and foremost this is the only event of this kind. It’s totally free. You can come and watch the show and totally enjoy it. It’s a mixed cultural event, a festival of food and dance, a true Family event for everybody.”

Anarkali Aakarssha, a Sri Lankan actress, Miss Sri Lanka 2004 and wife of Dishan Jayasinha (President of the Sri Lanka Foundation) talked about how important the day was and how it provided the opportunity for people who may not be very familiar with Sri Lankan culture to be a part of it for the day and learn more about it. “Sri Lankan day is like a takeover. We are so happy to be here. As Sri Lankans we are so happy to share our culture and heritage with others, especially in America where we aren’t as known and some people confuse us with other Asian countries. We have our own identity and culture that we want to share with the world. There is a lot to explore and learn about Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Day allows non-Sri Lankans to meet Sri Lankans and find out what Sri Lanka is all about. The parade allows people to see everything from Buddhism as well as what Sri Lanka has to offer. We don’t have many platforms to showcase so I’m very excited to celebrate Sri Lanka today, come together and have a day of unity and peace.”
The mayor of Pasadena, Terry Tornek was also on hand to celebrate Sri Lanka Day 2018 and spoke to the crowd about the event and offered his congratulations.

Dishan Jayasinha, President of the Sri Lanka Foundation talked about the 2018 Expo briefly with ESHE in-depth with a Q&A discussion.

ESHE: How does the success of the 2018 Expo impact the expo going forward? Could there possibly be more Expos throughout the West Coast?

Dishan: The overwhelming success was really seen when I spoke to the volunteers while they expressed the pride they had for the country and how thankful they felt towards the Sri Lanka Foundation for putting the expo on. We are open to holding expos in other cities in the future, but for now, we are concentrating on the Southern California community.

ESHE: Describe the feedback that you all received from those that attended?

Dishan: I think the most interesting one has been the surprise of all those I talked to, in regards to the fact that Sri Lanka existed and that it has such a colorful and ancient culture which is different from others they had been exposed to.

ESHE: What makes Sri Lankan culture unique in California as opposed to other cities across the United States which may not have a large Sri Lankan populations?

Dishan: Well, there definitely is a large community in Southern California, but there are Sri Lankans in many other cities in America, but the interesting part is that we as a community blend well with other races and cultures.

ESHE: The Sri Lankan Foundation: Upcoming events/projects etc?

Dishan:We have one very cool event on November, 18th 2018 which is called the Sri Lanka Foundation Awards Ceremony. It is held in the Millennium Biltmore Hotel here in Downtown Los Angeles. The purpose of the awards is to acknowledge those Sri Lankans who have achieved great things in their own industries which by International standards are quite amazing. The reason for acknowledging them is to inspire other Sri Lankans what they are capable of achieving. This aligns with our motto “Inspire & Achieve”. Here is a link to the site —>

For more information on the Sri Lanka Foundation CLICK HERE

Elgin Baylor | The Most Important Laker Legend

By David Jordan Jr

The one. The first. The blueprint. When people think of Los Angeles, California, many different things come to mind. The beautiful beaches, Hollywood, celebrities galore and the Los Angeles Dodgers all have a permanent place in the city of Los Angeles. The most iconic and symbolic representation of the City of Angeles is the Los Angeles Lakers. Originally founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Lakers franchise moved to California in 1960. The one-way ticket to Los Angeles for the franchise brought the most important player to ever wear the purple and gold (royal blue and white initially) to Los Angeles; #22 Elgin Gay Baylor. Baylor, a product of Washington D.C. transcended the game of basketball with not only his natural on-court talent but his creativity and his ability to be great EVERYTIME he stepped on the hardwood. Drafted to the Lakers out of Seattle University in the post-George Mikan era, Baylor was able to fill a void in the franchise created by Mikan’s retirement. Baylor’s first year in the National Basketball Association would see him win not only the NBA Rookie Of the Year, but he would also be named Co-MVP of the All-Star Game while also being named to the ALL NBA First Team. His rookie season would be a preview to the future of unmatched exploits that he would display on the hardwood wearing a Lakers uniform in both in the cities of Minneapolis and Los Angeles. April 10, 2018, Elgin released his personal memoir “Hang Time: My Life In Basketball” to the world. This memoir gives the reader a true glimpse into what made Elgin Baylor a great basketball player and how life experiences from a society rooted in racism didn’t hinder him from achieving his goals but pushed him to excel beyond the limits created by segregation and limited opportunity. Reading Baylor’s words about his days as a youth in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., his recounting of acts of racism against his sister and father show not only the effect it had on him individually but it also put into perspective how awful racism was for black people in an area of the country that was not one of the Confederate states.

“Integration has become law, but how do you legislate against hate?” – Elgin Baylor

That quote from Elgin Baylor may be the most powerful words written in his memoir. One, this quote shows how hate outweighed legislative laws created to create a land of equality. Two, these words are still relevant sixty plus years later as hate is still existent in many places where laws would indicate otherwise.

“I am a human being.” – Elgin Baylor, 1959

1968 would see Dr. Martin Luther King Jr come to Memphis, TN leading a strike with sanitation workers of the city that demanded equal treatment to their white co-workers and to be treated as a human being. The adopted mantra for this march by King and the sanitation workers was “I Am A Man.” In 1959 Elgin Baylor made the decision to not play in an NBA game after being refused accommodations at a hotel in Charleston, West Virginia. Before Muhammad Ali, Baylor made the ultimate statement on the highest platform as an athlete, understanding that being treated as a human being was worth more than any NBA paycheck he would receive. Baylor made this stand at a time when the NBA operated on an unwritten “quota” system that limited the number of black players on teams. Despite the ignorance and hate-filled actions of that night and many other instances in his life, Baylor achieved in ways that had not been seen before in the NBA. 

The greatness of Baylor as a Laker was validated by the one who had a courtside seat to every game from the teams initial move to Los Angeles; the late great Chick Hearn. Hearn the play-by-play announcer for the Lakers saw every legend to wear the purple and gold uniform; Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, James Worthy, Jamaal Wilkers and the list to continue, but the greatest of them all according to Hearn was Elgin Baylor. The number of honors Baylor finished his career with are outstanding and one would need a scroll to read them in totality.

Elgin Baylor Career Accomplishments

11 Time NBA All-Star (1959–1965, 1967–1970)
NBA All-Star Game MVP (1959)
10 Time All-NBA First Team (1959–1965, 1967–1969)
NBA Rookie of the Year (1959)
NBA 35th Anniversary Team
NBA 50th Anniversary All-Time Team
Jersey retired by Los Angeles Lakers (22)
NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player (1958)
Helms Foundation Player of the Year (1958)
Consensus First-Team All-American (1958)
Consensus Second-Team All-American (1957)
Led NCAA in rebounding (1957)
Jersey retired by Seattle University (22)
NBA Finals Record 61 points (single-game scoring record)

The pinnacle of Laker greatness has been defined by the ultimate honor from the organization; being immortalized in statue form forever. April 6, 2018, the statue of Elgin Baylor was revealed to the world in front of the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. With Laker royalty and Laker fans on hand to pay homage to the living legend that carried the franchise on his back from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, Baylor’s day was a live memoir for those on hand of the journey he took in life in becoming a man and a basketball legend.

“Hang Time” shows how the combination of God-given ability, humility, perseverance and hard work created the first and most important Laker legend Elgin Baylor. The statue of Elgin Baylor immortalizes his on-court greatness and the accomplishments and statistical records he amassed show the completeness of his game. Los Angeles wouldn’t be Los Angeles without the Lakers and the Lakers wouldn’t be in Los Angeles without Elgin Baylor. Simple math. #EB22

Summertime Dom

By David Jordan Jr

Dom Kennedy has blessed summer 2018 with the release of “Addicted To The Underground.” Nine tracks of summer madness from Liemert Park’s King, “Addicted To The Underground” provides the perfect sound track for summer days in the City of Angels and perfect nights while cruising the 405 headed to the beach for a night of sand and waves. Check out “Addicted To The Underground” here.