Hoop Dreams: 20th Anniversary

2014 marks 20 years since the release of the basketball documentary Hoop Dreams. We celebrate the greatest basketball movie of all time with this tribute to the creators, the dreamers Arthur Agee and William Gates, their families and friends. We also celebrate everybody in the world that has been impacted by this movie. If you play basketball it is imperative that you watch this movie. DREAM.

Wilt Scores Big Again

Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain was honored by the United States Postal Service by being immortalized on two Forever stamps. The stamps were created by Kadir Nelson and show Chamberlain playing with both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Chamberlain holds many records, among them the most points scored in a game by an individual with 100 points. Wilt Chamberlain FOREVERThe Big Dipper started his NBA career in 1959 with the Philadelphia Warriors and retired from professional basketball in 1973 with the Los Angeles Lakers.  Chamberlain was elected to the basketball Hall Of Fame in 1978.


Tupac Remembered

By David Jordan

“Tupac Remembered” gives the reader an inside view of Tupac Shakur from those that interacted with him on a day to day basis. Written by Gloria Cox, Staci Robinson and Molly Monjauze, this book is comprised of interviews from individuals that give intimate accounts about their relationship/interactions with the hip hop legend.  The media tends to develop a perception of a superstar, whether it be good or bad and the audience believes what the media gives them.x27280 “Tupac Remembered” is created with actual words from those that worked with him, maybe met him one time, as well as those that have never met him but were inspired by him. This book is a must have for any Tupac fan or any person intrigued with the aura of Tupac Shakur.

Doss Point

By Donte Alexander Doss

“I don’t follow trends; I set them.” This statement is the basic tenet in which I believe and follow to always remain stylish. But what is style? How are certain pieces of attire deemed stylish? Style is defined as “a distinctive appearance or the design of a particular form.” Style is in essence setting one’s own fashion from their individual ideas.  No successful designer or style architect has ever attempted to create successful ideas based off of others. Every successful designer has done “their own thing”, designing and creating ideas that were unique and even pushed the envelope from traditional normalcy. For many years, men’s fashion took a backseat all while great ideas and designs were born but quickly died. However those days have long since gone; now men’s fashion is revered and marveled like never before. Everywhere one may look, men’s fashion is displayed on all multimedia on every platform across the globe.

With the vast plethora of designers exhibiting such creative ideas for men and our wardrobe, every man with an open mind and wallet can become the fashionable gentleman they desire to be. All it truly takes is searching through ideas to create a look of their own. It’s one thing to step in a room full of suits with something similar but it takes true distinction from the standard to be stylish and stand apart from the crowd. Any and every “suit package” I’ve worn had distinct elements, some quickly noticeable and others closely seen because of small details.Details...The Details. Whether it be a lapel flower, a pocket square, a faint shirt pattern, fancy-patterned socks, even a bowtie or ascot rather than the traditional necktie, I always sought to soar above the “stuffed suits” that may have surrounded me.
Discovering and displaying one’s own style is synonymous to putting pieces of a puzzle together – you search for pieces of the “suit package” that fit together to complete your puzzle. The first thing that is always noticed is a suit tailored to the man in whom it adorns. Secondly are the accessories that accentuate his suit. For me as a man, there’s truly nothing like wearing a nicely-tailored suit. The key to remember is if a haberdasher (tailor) is out of your budget, just having a seamstress or suit shop mending the suit to your exact measurements makes a world of difference. We’ve all seen that one guy who shows up with a suit that’s too big and too long, dragging and hanging like a bed sheet. What it really takes to make a suit “fly”is having it tailored to fit you and only you. Never should suits be worn like comforters because they should be worn as our “Sunday’s best”. Find a local suit shop in your area and let them know you’re looking for something different that closely accentuates your style but also takes you a bit out of the box. Remember that “less is more” but also the “difference is in the details”.

HT Neckwear

0-16Hunter Todd Neckwear was founded in 2010, with a vision of creating a culture of well dressed men. They specialize in high quality neckties sourced locally in Los Angeles, CA.  The focus is purely on superiority of product and customer experience.

The inspiration of Hunter Todd is much more broad than ties. At its core, however, HT was inspired from reading the story of Ralph Lauren and how he began his company by first selling neckties.  “Neckties are simple, low cost, and we have the ability to cater to multiple colors and designs without too much hassle.  That is important because we want to have a tie for everyone’s personality.” Furthermore, focusing on ties allows HT to start small in order to build up and eventually meet the broad vision.  “Eventually we want to provide quality loafers, eyeglass frames, braces and even get into the cigar shop and whiskey bar industry.  Another area we are pursuing through joint venture or acquisition is personal styling and bespoke suits.  Ties are merely the entry point. What inspired me is simply knowing what I like and knowing that there are a lot of people that like what I like.  The problem is most corporations cater to the masses.  Currently its in to dress like a rapper or athlete so that is what corporations sell.  We want to steer the ship.  Dressing like HT is much more lucrative in both your daily life and in your career. That is what makes HT so easy to promote.  It is not something that we sell it is something that we live.  We just slap the HT logo on our lifestyle.”

Hunter Todd, Founder Of HT Neckwear.

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