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Meet Cameron Buford | Founder Of What’s Good In Sports

By David Jordan Jr

The beauty of sports and athletics as a whole is its innate ability to connect people all over the world. Sports has provided avenues for communication and interaction that have commonly been closed and nonexistent due to many social ills and problems that have been present in society over the last century. Journalist Cameron Buford has a clear understanding of not only the power of sports but also the power of the great things that many athletes do willingly to not only improve their local community but the world. Founding “What’s Good In Sports” in 2017, Buford has been able to combine his deep love of sports with the athletes and teams that make memories for fans during the games as well as off the playing courts and playing fields. Buford passion for sports and the great things taking place in all aspects of all sports has inspired his platform.  “As a longtime sports fan from Seattle, WA., I’ve also lived in St. Mary’s, Georgia and Hampton, Virginia before settling in Southern California. My life principals have largely been based on the various lessons I’ve learned competing in sports throughout my life. This passion for sports led me to coaching local youth sports on the both east and west coast. Since I have gained so much from my time and experience as an athlete, I wanted to get to understand and share the similar stories about today’s athletes. This desire to understand the person within the athlete has driven me to create multiple forums for me to share my findings with like minded people and fans. My Voice of the Fans podcast can be heard on multiple platforms including, but not limited too, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and the Anchor app.. Additionally, I founded the website as another forum to share my thoughts with the public.  From heavyweight boxing matches, NCAA Athletics, exclusive NFL stories and NBA behind the scenes stories, “What’s Good In Sports” has created the atmosphere for fans to further engage with their favorite teams and athletes on a more intimate level.

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Harley Di Nardo Releases Dead Envy

By David Jordan Jr

Many times it is said that art imitates life and that life imitates art. Harley Di Nardo’s newly released film “Dead Envy” epitomizes this saying. Along with Di Nardo, Dead Envy stars Carla Wynn, Brandon Heath, Chrissy Bonilla, Michael Horvath, Adam Reeser and Samantha Smart. This film is based on life instances of starring director Harley Di Nardo. A musician looking to return back to prime form, Dead Envy shows how the intended taken road may have other curves that are subject to pop up and make one wonder where exactly they are going.  At the recent screening for the film, Di Nardo spoke about the film and what inspired its creation. “I actually own hair salons and I’ve had two albums out in my life, I’m a Rock and Roller. I’ve always been infatuated with John Lennon being murdered by Mark Chapman. He thought he was a phony. I kind of modeled the stalker after him. Music and the hair salon came from what I know and the came from adding this stalker thriller. If I had to describe the film in one word, it would be suspense.”


Harley Di Nardo
Carla Wynn
Brandon Heath
Chrissy Bonilla
Michael Horvath
Samantha Smart



This film will be released on DVD, cable, digital HD,  iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play and Vudu, on September 3rd, 2018. Check out the trailer for “Dead Envy.”

#FRENZY | Sharknado Week 2018

By David Jordan Jr

With summer 2018 in full swing, the common summer staples are visible everywhere. Sunshine, summer clothing, beaches, and oceans are what instantly come to mind when one thinks of summer. One thing that oceans contain that can you may forget about are sharks. Sharknado Week began on the SyFy Network this week, a week filled with movies of shark encompassed adventures and stories. August 15th will be the world premiere of “Frenzy,” a film directed by Jose Montesinos. A MarVista production starring Aubrey Reynolds, Gina Vitori, Lanett Tachel, and Taylor Jorgensen, this film shows how a group of friends seeking a seemingly fun vacation for a Vlog on the water turns into a do or die situation controlled by ruthless sharks in the middle of the ocean.

Director Jose Montesinos

Director Jose Montesinos spoke about the title of the film, the making of the film and how the audience would feel after watching Frenzy. ” The producer came up with the title Frenzy because he wanted to do something that would capture the attention with it airing during SyFy Shark Week and because it’s three sharks you think FRENZY. We only had 12 days to shoot and the preproduction process started about a month and a half before shooting. We shot in Thailand so we had to rewrite the script to match what we were shooting. The audience  will definitely come out with a feeling of relief at the end of the film, but there is also a relationship between the two sisters and there is also the survival aspect for people to relate to as well.” This thriller is sure to have you looking over your shoulder the next time you’re in the ocean.  Frenzy premiers on SyFy August 15th.

Summertime Dom

By David Jordan Jr

Dom Kennedy has blessed summer 2018 with the release of “Addicted To The Underground.” Nine tracks of summer madness from Liemert Park’s King, “Addicted To The Underground” provides the perfect sound track for summer days in the City of Angels and perfect nights while cruising the 405 headed to the beach for a night of sand and waves. Check out “Addicted To The Underground” here.

Dario Lee | Take 1

Check out the work of the talented Dario Lee.


• The Education of a Negro Cpl. | Roman Duckworth Jr. | Ryan Culver
• First List | FBI Agent Lee |  AZ Productions
• Power Forward |  Keith  | JusBFilms
• Judicial Indiscretion | Hosea |  Samaraha
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Buick Human Highlight Reel Commercial NCAA 2011 Sports

Principal Actor Park Pictures, Leo Burnett
White T Background Talent Close up Prefect Films
This Tunnel South Background Talent, Rock Band Drummer Five Rings Productions
Middle Of Nowhere Prison Inmate Kangeroo Films
Pro Keds Commecial Basketball Player Inception Pictures
Hands of Stone (2016) Boxing Training Usher Raymond
The Jimmy Case Hand Model @TheJimmyCase on IG 2016
NBA All-Star game 2011 Basketball(SI) – TNT
Mobbed on Fox Dancer Howie Mandel
The Cheaters Club/Busted Barber Shop Customer Paul Hannah
Hollywood Wasteland Zombie/Club Patron Matt Newcomb, Casey Bisson
Dorreen Taylor – Judgement day (Music Video) Survivor Nayip Ramos
Dice City Dice City Crew Henchmen Benny Boom
Good Worldwide “Figures of Process” Basketball player (Rebounder) Brett Falentine
Not Another Celebrity Movie Onset Emillio Farrari
Mantervention Beach/Club Patron Stuart Acher
Helliversity Student/Victim Tommy Lee Wallace
Chiddy Bang – Mind your Manners Pizza Delivery Man/Dancer Tim Nackashi
The Booth Walker Adam Arkin
DGK Parental Advisory Basketball Player Randall Kirk II
Dirty Dirt baby $5 dollar hooker (Music Video) Police Man Richard Lopez
A Nightmare on Wall street Construction Worker North Woods AD
Common – Raw (Music Video) Club Patron ThinkCommon
Brother White Deacon/Congregation Brian Herzingler
Kourosh Lahzzeh (Music Video) BG Nima Javadia & Azida Pour
Cat kellys Bloomers Bloomer Bandit Skoti Collins
MurdockHD – Commpressor Produced the Beat Yellow One Prod.
Tariq Elite Basketball clothing Basketball Player Tariq
Chem Guys Outro music Beats Dylan Avery
Shaniqua and Me Street Man Tom Lombardi
Snowfall Drug Purchaser/House Party John Singelton
Revival Townsperson Danny Green
Gun Hospital Staff Sam Upton
The Bang Bang Brokers Gangsta Crew David Donihue
Subsurface flow Desert Demon Carl Bird McLaughin
The Secret Children Secret Children Hiroshi Nakajima
Hey yun Jamacian Man Hey Yun Park
Parrell Music Video Spotlight Interivewed CJ
Move Table Model/Hand Model Red Gorilla Films
Hanni El Khatib – Penny (music video) Jail Inmate Singer Simon Cahn
Black and Blue (Documentary) Himself Dylan Avery
Mow BG Lifetime networks film
Time is God Directed and Produced Dario A. Lee
Texas Smoker Bobby Howard
DMX/MGK – I dont dance Dancer John Colombo

Oscar & Grammy Winner Common Hosts The African Get Down

By David Jordan Jr

On March 8, 2018 a celebration of African Musicians was hosted by Grammy and Oscar-winning artists/actor Common in the Hollywood Hills. The “African Get Down” held at the Elyx House, was not only a celebration of great musical artists and DJs from Africa, but it was also a celebration of African culture and tradition. The event was produced by CSA principals Marc Le Chat, Brannan Phillips and Davin Phillips. Among the guests were Janeshia Adamsp-Ginyard, music producer Karl Rubin, film producer Shopan Entesari, Emmy Award winning stylist, Theresa Broadnax, jewelry designer, Monalisa Okojie, number one hip hop musical artist, South African DJ,King Kanja, DJ Heavy K, The Clemmons Twins, and Jo-Lo music producer Harmony Samuels.

The guests attending the event wore beautiful garments of traditional African culture, accentuating the beauty that has always derived from the Mother Land.
Women were clothed in Djellabas, habesha kemis, kangas, and gomesis. Adorned atop the heads of these beautiful women were various head scarfs. The men wore dashikis and kofias, symbolizing and continuing the greatness of African kings.
Host Common spoke to the united group about the importance of unity and standing for what one believes in. Speaking about his travels to the continent of Africa, Common shared his deep experiences with the people of Africa and how they also aimed to rectify the ills not only going on in their respective countries but in the United States as well. The event provided the opportunity for the attendees to experience African culture in a truly intimate setting while sharing life experiences within an atmosphere of love and brotherhood.


(Photos courtesy of Bob Delgadillo)

Amani Abdul | Chasing Peace: “Freeing Your Spirit and Releasing Your Soul”

By David Jordan Jr

“God is ALL. Energy is ALL.” – Amani Abdul  
Life’s experiences provide us all the opportunity to grow from and with them or to fold and be nonexistent. The purpose(s) for which a person lives and thinks he or she exists for may either be predetermined, self-identified or a mystery. Amani Abdul’s new book “Chasing Peace: Freeing Your Spirit And Releasing Your Soul” (2017) allows the reader a front row seat as to how her life evolution enabled her to not only find peace within herself but to also be a golden beam of inspiration for all people she has encountered and interacted with during her journey. Written in five parts, Abdul details how specific instances in her life guided and cultivated her into the woman which she is today. A Detroit, Michigan native, Abdul’s journey has taken her from the Motor City to various cities on the eastern coast of the United States of America, currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. One of the points of emphasis touched on throughout the book is how your internal structure as a human being has a tremendous effect on the outside structure and outward mechanisms of an individual. A tremendous faith in GOD, a continuous identification of positive and negative energies and a self-developed mindset to seek righteousness in all things are what drove Abdul’s pen in creating this book. Abdul details how the lives of other people which she encountered living in Detroit and Washington D.C. provided a blueprint for how and how not to go about certain things in life.
One of the most resonating parts of the book is “Part II: Recognizing The People In Your Life, Their Roles And Purpose Or Part In your Story.” The more we live, the more people we will encounter in life that will serve some type of purpose. The purpose is usually identified after a period of time or after that person is no longer a part of our lives. Abdul thoroughly details her personal encounters with different people and how each person played a unique role in her life journey. Writing a book based off of personal experiences (both good and bad) is not easy to convey to a reader in an effective, inspirational format, yet Abdul thrives off of engaging the reader’s mind with her factual experiences and gained wisdom. A great read, “Chasing Peace” flows like a greatly directed movie with multiple life gems on each page.


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Cultural Icon Chronicles Defining Moments In Hip-Hop,

Covering 40+ Years In New, Expansive 300-Page Book

Featuring Over 100 Portraits


New York, NY (October 6, 2017) – “Chuck D Presents This Day In Rap And Hip-Hop History,”  one of the most comprehensive, chronological histories of rap and hip-hop ever written, will be available on October 10 at all major retailers, including Amazon.  Assembled by Chuck D, co-founder of Public Enemy and a respected, influential voice in the genre, the book includes pivotal moments from 1973 to the present alongside artistic portraits of people who have shaped the sound and the culture of hip-hop for over 40 years. This definitive history book takes readers from the Bronx to the billion dollar global phenomenon it is today.


The massive anthology opens with a house party on August 11, 1973 when DJ Kool Herc unleashed “the break” on his turntables.  By 1979, rap had become embraced by mainstream audiences as “Rapper’s Delight” sold over two million copies and went on to be the first hip-hop record on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart the following year.  “This Day In Rap And Hip-Hop History” follows the art form through more than four decades, examining artists and moments that drove the messages and the music with exacting details that can only come from a musicologist who has witnessed it firsthand.


“If you want to understand our culture. To learn knowledge itself. Truth about the art form of poetry in motion. The struggle of our community through rhyme and rhythm. This is the book that inspired me long before I found my place in hip-hop,” says Kendrick Lamar. “The power of self-expression. Unapologetically. Taught by the teacher himself. Chuck D!!!.”  “Reading this book is like reliving my life all over again,” adds LL Cool J.


The entries in “This Day In Rap And Hip-Hop History” are brought to life by over 100 portraits of the most influential figures in hip-hop, created by Shepard Fairey (who also contributed the book’s foreword), ASKEM, Amy Cinnamon, Andre LeRoy Davis, Holtom, Glen E. Friedman, A.J. Katz, Timothy McAuliffe (Gold Van), Scared of Monsters, Rinat Shingareev and Marco Ventura.


Chuck D is considered one of the most influential lyricists in contemporary music. Both as a solo artist and as the leader of the groundbreaking group Public Enemy (which was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013), he helped pave the way for political, social, and culturally conscious hip-hop. Public Enemy’s albums remain among the most critically acclaimed works in the genre, including “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” and “Fear of a Black Planet.” Chuck is also a prominent figure on the speaking circuit lending his voice to issues and causes ranging from technology to race relations.  He is a founding member of the new supergroup Prophets of Rage, alongside members of Rage Against the Machine and Cypress Hill.  Prophets of Rage have played to almost 3 million people around the world in the last year, with their first full-length album released in September 2017.



Genre: Nonfiction / Music / Genres & Styles / Rap & Hip Hop

On Sale: October 10 2017

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 Hardcover

Page Count: 352

ISBN-13: 9780316430982