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MLK 50 | An Alpha Brother

By Anthony Prewitt (Alpha Phi Alpha | Beta Upsilon Lambda Chapter) 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (Sigma Chapter) in 1952. He crossed while working on his Doctorate of Philosophy at Boston University.

Dr. King and many others like him came up in a time where hate was rampant and many were scared to take action to combat social injustice. It was those who challenged the system and demanded equality and justice that have inspired me to keep their dreams and hopes alive. I’ve learned from Dr. King that those that commit to plant the “seeds” of change and reform rarely live to see the harvest. I’m ok with that. I know that through my work and commitment to the uplift of those that look like me; their success will be mine. When I was aspiring to be a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, I saw the caliber of men and their accomplishments and I’d only hoped to be counted in their midst. Dr. King has inspired me to fight the good fight…even if it may be your last. Rest assured, until the last breath of air leaves my body, I will continue to develop leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence while providing service and advocacy for our communities.

Dr. King stated, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” I’m not ready to die just yet!


Anthony Prewitt

Author, LIFE: The Year of Me

Starbury: The Collection

By David Jordan Jr

Here’s a look at exclusive shoes from Starbury. The Highstepper and the Streetbeat are available at select Citi Trends stores nation wide. Be sure to also visit


Please Baby Please Baby Please Baby Baby Baby Please

By David Jordan Jr

Enjoy these fun pieces, clips and artifacts from Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” as ESHE Magazine celebrates the 30th anniversary of the film’s release.


“The Dogs…”

Nola Darling Has Gotta Have Michael Jordan In This Air Jordan IV Commercial Directed By Spike Lee

|SOUNDTRACK| 1. Opening Credits [2:35] 2. Brooklyn Bridge [1:13] 3. He’s On It [1:16] 4. A Thought [3:06] 5. Nola-Vocals [3:41] 6. Ferrybank Restaurant [1:27] 7. Work Montage [0:44] 8. Who Will Be the One [1:20] 9. Nola-Instrumental [3:40] 10. A Thought (reprise) [1:11] 11. Nola Cleans Up [0:54] 12. Opal [0:30] 13. Final Confession [1:00] 14. Ind Line [0:34] 15. She’s Walkin’ [0:59] 16. Opal (reprise) [1:36] 17. The Hawk [0:45] 18. Nola-piano [0:40] 19. End Credits [2:28]
“Set The Bitch On Fire!”





French Press Release
French Press Release
French Press Release
French Press Release

Olympic Kick Off | 2016

By David Jordan Jr

The Olympic games have fostered many acts of greatness, courage and excellence.  The coming together of the different countries of the world provides the platform for the best of the best to showcase their GOD given abilities and the fruits of the hard work for one ultimate reason; the gold medal. Every four years athletes of all sports, from all different types of backgrounds come together to compete for not only a medal but to also  become the next legendary Olympian.  As memorable as the athletes and their performances are, there is another piece of their Olympic legacy which is just as legendary as their accomplished feats; the shoes. To quote Spike Lee “It’s Gotta Be The Shoes” right? Ah yes, the shoes. Having the right equipment on your money makers can psychologically boost a supreme athlete and enable him to reach levels never reached before.

Basketball and track and field have allowed the world the first row seat to see exclusive releases and custom productions of signature shoes for world class athletes. Over the last twenty four years their have been iconic shoe releases of some of the most celebrated Olympians in history. ESHE Magazine showcases a few of the selected shoe releases; Which is your favorite Olympic shoe of all time?

Usain Bolt | Puma Complete Theseus | Beijing, 2008
Michael Johnson | Nike “Gold Shoes” | Atlanta, 1996
Scottie Pippen | Nike Air More Uptempo | Atlanta, 1996
Anfernee Hardaway | Nike Air Zoom | Atlanta, 1996
Michael Jordan | Nike #9s | Barcelona, 1992
Sheryl Swoopes | Air Swoopes | Atlanta, 1996


PLAYAS | Bill Bellamy & 2Pac

By David Jordan Jr

1995. 2Pac was out on bail, living life in a whirlwind. Still riding the highly successful release of “Me Against The World” 2Pac followed up this masterpiece with the then freshly minted off the press “All Eyez On Me” double disc album.2016-01-25_150007
Famed actor, comedian and television personality Bill Bellamy conducted an amazing interview with 2Pac, filled with the sincereness, authenticity and humor of any conversation between friends. Super producer Dr. Dre also made an appearance in the interview to discuss the making of the “All Eyez On Me” album by literally taking us into studio sessions with amazing imagery from himself and 2Pac. Enjoy this rare interview with three icons from of hip hop and entertainment.


ESHE | Style

By David Jordan Jr

There is one understanding when it comes to fashion; it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. Fashion is something that allows us as individuals to be uniquely different, yet totally connected around the world. So many people get caught up in trying to be trendy when the foundation of fashion is being creative. The eye and mind are the avenues for fashions newest and most intriguing creations. ESHE Magazine takes a look at some of the great designers from around the world and exclusive pieces from their respective collections:

SHEA KREATIONS | Dallas, Texas

Original Art Afro Lady Earrings- Afro lady earrings are popular. We created this pair to give natural hair women a sense of uniqueness on their healthy hair journey.
Wooden Patriot Badu Earrings- We chose to decoupage and handpaint this pair of earrings as concert keepsakes. Also, instead of your typical red, white and blue earrings worn on holidays; this pair create a fierce patriotic statement.


Tribal Ethnic Laminated Bookmark- A reminder that we carry our load above our head and never on our shoulders. Each time someone finishes their reading for the day, they will admire the beauty of this one of a kind handpainted art.

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