The Ballot Or The Bullet | Malcolm X

By David Jordan Jr

In the election year of 1964, Malcolm X spoke about voting and how black Americans should use their ability to think for themselves and their right to vote to make a well informed decision that would benefit themselves and their community. Words that Malcolm X spoke in 1964 are still relevant today as we are here on another Election Day in America. Be Smart. Be Informed. Be Aware. Listen to his speech “The Ballot Or The Bullet” Here:

7 GemZ From Pac

By David Jordan Jr

7 tracks from 2Pac that deserve full appreciation.

  1. “Life Is A Traffic Jam” 2Pac/8 Mile Roadimg_0712

2. “Why U Turn On Me” 2Pac (Shout Out To Wendy Williams)untitled

3. “U Can Call” 2Pactumblr_m2opq7cwsc1r8ypooo1_1280

4. “Time 2 Get My Drink On” 2Pac featuring Y-N-Vee 1a3076b410506a5402cca8427bd89135

5. “Never Had A Friend Like Me” 2Pac2pac-4f9c2cb9a0be7

6. Run tha Streetz” 2Pac featuring Michel’le, Napoleon & Storm2pac-all-eyez-on-me-booklet-cartoon

7. Too Late Playa” 2Pac featuring MC Hammer, Big Daddy Kane, Danny Boy & Nutt-So