Jewels To Enjoy

By David Jordan Jr

The year 2016 brought the world many new sounds to its ears, sounds from current favorite artist and new music from new ground breaking artist. ESHE has compiled a list of a few JEWELS released to the world this year that you should keep in your rotation as January 1st 2017 arrives.

Olympic Kick Off | 2016

By David Jordan Jr

The Olympic games have fostered many acts of greatness, courage and excellence.  The coming together of the different countries of the world provides the platform for the best of the best to showcase their GOD given abilities and the fruits of the hard work for one ultimate reason; the gold medal. Every four years athletes of all sports, from all different types of backgrounds come together to compete for not only a medal but to also  become the next legendary Olympian.  As memorable as the athletes and their performances are, there is another piece of their Olympic legacy which is just as legendary as their accomplished feats; the shoes. To quote Spike Lee “It’s Gotta Be The Shoes” right? Ah yes, the shoes. Having the right equipment on your money makers can psychologically boost a supreme athlete and enable him to reach levels never reached before.

Basketball and track and field have allowed the world the first row seat to see exclusive releases and custom productions of signature shoes for world class athletes. Over the last twenty four years their have been iconic shoe releases of some of the most celebrated Olympians in history. ESHE Magazine showcases a few of the selected shoe releases; Which is your favorite Olympic shoe of all time?

Usain Bolt | Puma Complete Theseus | Beijing, 2008
Michael Johnson | Nike “Gold Shoes” | Atlanta, 1996
Scottie Pippen | Nike Air More Uptempo | Atlanta, 1996
Anfernee Hardaway | Nike Air Zoom | Atlanta, 1996
Michael Jordan | Nike #9s | Barcelona, 1992
Sheryl Swoopes | Air Swoopes | Atlanta, 1996



With the newly released film “Miles Ahead” in theaters, there is no more of a perfect time to revisit this musical genius. The vision of immortalizing the life of this iconic musical figure became a reality by Don Cheadle (director, lead actor and co-writer) and is now showing on the big screen. Enjoy Miles Davis at his last live performance at Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris, France on July 10, 1991. 

Wilt Scores Big Again

Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain was honored by the United States Postal Service by being immortalized on two Forever stamps. The stamps were created by Kadir Nelson and show Chamberlain playing with both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers. Chamberlain holds many records, among them the most points scored in a game by an individual with 100 points. Wilt Chamberlain FOREVERThe Big Dipper started his NBA career in 1959 with the Philadelphia Warriors and retired from professional basketball in 1973 with the Los Angeles Lakers.  Chamberlain was elected to the basketball Hall Of Fame in 1978.