Inspiration By Circumstance

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By David Jordan Jr

During the course of life we all will encounter moments and instances that can potentially determine our unintended fate. Things we control, things we don’t control and things that happen as a result of a decision all can influence our lives and either hinder us or propel us to a new plateau. One of the influencers of how one lives their life is health. Day to day living is tremendously influenced by how we feel, how our body is operating. For actress Anita Brown, her health has been an inspiration not only for herself but for all of those she has come in contact with. Diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic as a teenager, Brown could have easily decided to allow this diagnosis to be a complete hindrance in her life but instead, she chose to allow it to be a springboard for her life.

Embracing the reality of her situation, Anita has been able to not only live her life, but also educate and inspire others in the world dealing with Type 1 Diabetes. Having been a part of various films and projects in front of and behind the camera, Brown has shown the world that everything situation we encounter in life is an opportunity for us all to be a light of positivity and a beacon of inspiration in the journey to achieving life goals.

Connect with her and follow her journey on Instagram here: @Anita_Nicole_Brown