The Ballot Or The Bullet | Malcolm X

By David Jordan Jr

In the election year of 1964, Malcolm X spoke about voting and how black Americans should use their ability to think for themselves and their right to vote to make a well informed decision that would benefit themselves and their community. Words that Malcolm X spoke in 1964 are still relevant today as we are here on another Election Day in America. Be Smart. Be Informed. Be Aware. Listen to his speech “The Ballot Or The Bullet” Here:

The USA Is Ready For Football


By Frank James IV

It’s the time of year where everyone has a reason to forget the problems of the world. You can ignore the Presidential race and the racism in the USA. Protests and marches can be put on pause for the next six months. August is the prelude to September and September means football. Denver+Broncos+v+Atlanta+Falcons+PlL24nt5Ihvl
I can see the smiles on American faces at the mention of the word football. Football is without a doubt the American game. Baseball may be the game of history, but football is the game of today. Football is dominant in American culture and practice starts in August.
Football will soon begin to consume a major portion of the evening newscast. If your city has a NFL team, chances are the lead off story will be about that team. If your city has a NFL team and a successful college team nearby, the newscast will be a sportscast. This is the power of football in the USA. People will still pay attention to the political scene but they will do so with a divided eye.
There are pundits who believe that football should be banned. The concussion issues that plague football players are well documented. This event will probably never take place. Can you imagine a Saturday afternoon without college football on television? Tennessee-Titans-Fans-Jim-Brown-USA-TODAY-SportsI won’t even task your brain to try to imagine a Sunday without the NFL. No matter the health risk it poses, football generates billions of dollars. The social aspect of the USA without football would be incomplete.
Footballs exhibit of power and brutality appeals to the masses. People love to see their favorite gladiators go at it every weekend. Whether it is on a high school or pro level, people love football. Football has become the number one pastime for the American public. With the political and social scenes in turmoil, football is needed more than ever in the USA.
Football can pull together people of all races for 60 minutes.hafan_crop_north The white racist will cheer the black running back for his favorite team. The black person who hates whites will root for the white quarterback of their favorite team. During a football game the issue of race takes a back seat in people’s minds. The desire to see ones team win becomes the dominant thought process. Race may affect the officiating, but the fans usually are on the same page. Maybe the USA can learn from this?
If people of all ethnic backgrounds can come together and agree to be Packer fans why not agree on social issues? All races of people attend football games on every level. This is especially true for big colleges and the NFL. ten-10-Amazing-Facts-every-alabama-crimson-tide-football-fan-should-knowThe home fans are united in the agreement that they want the home team to win. Why not feel the same way about the human race? If people can pull together to cheer Notre Dame, I’m sure they can pull together to ensure the well being of all citizens.
With the sad state of affairs in the USA today football is a blessing. It will give people a chance to safely funnel their energy into a game for release.Nov 29, 2015; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker (C) poses for a photo with fans prior to the game against the Oakland Raiders at Nissan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports It is better to have people ranting at television screens than police in the streets. Lord knows it is better to see Deion Sanders clowning on television than Al Sharpton the clown.
Football season is here. Fans of teams in the AFC West and the ACC should worry. The Oakland Raiders and Miami Hurricanes are returning to dominance. As they say, it’s payback time. There is one thing everyone will agree upon. Football is one avenue where black lives matter.

Revolutionary Shortcomings

By  Frank James IV

I have heard some interesting things in the past ten years. I once heard that the world was coming to an end because of a mathematical equation. I heard that fluoride in the drinking water was for mind control purposes. I recently heard something that had me laughing. I heard an African American talking about revolution.0OA4ORVL
Tears came to my eyes when I heard an African American man stating the revolution was coming and race traitors were going to pay. These were not tears of joy but of laughter. I found the statement and the lecture the man was giving comedy at best. I wiped my eyes then went and interrupted his speech. “Who are the sell-outs?” I asked. The man proceeded to name the usual suspects, the token African American. I interjected, “Does this include the idiot thug who brings the community down?” The man just looked at me.
The African American woman that the man was talking to looked at me with interest. I went on, “You are talking about fighting a war, what army fights with sick soldiers?” The guy started sputtering, “Once African Americans bond together…” I cut him off. “Bro before you bond with anything or anyone you have to bond with yourself. Furthermore African Americans need a purge before they can do anything.” I then walked away. I understood what was going on and why. The man watched too much television.
The Revolution. Ah how sweet those words sound to a militant mindset. I can hear the rhetoric from ages gone by as if it were days past all over. “I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I’m changing the things I cannot accept.” Angela Davis said this statement in regards to African American plight. With that in mind what is happening around the USA today shouldn’t shock anyone. 2016-07-10t032757z_907217489_s1aetorxazaa_rtrmadp_3_usa-police-protests_4abbfa1595561276271495d8522d708d.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000African Americans never changed the things they claimed they couldn’t accept. In return after almost 200 years of so-called freedom African Americans are still facing the same issues.
Police killings are nothing new in the USA. Police kill a high number of both white and black males in the USA. There is one statement that groups like Black Lives Matter need to address before confronting the cops. African Americans kill African Americans. The culture of African Americans in the USA is one of self-destruction. The music industry that African Americans have created is fashioned on black on black violence. If African American lives are worthless to African Americans why should anyone else hold them in value?Thursday, Feb. 25 2016.    Protesters who rallied outside the downtown Seattle Police Department thread their way through traffic down 5th Ave. as they portest the killing of Che Taylor by Seattle Police.

Huey Newton once said, “Too many so-called leaders of the movement have been made into celebrities and their revolutionary fervor destroyed by mass media.” If you look at television today this statement rings true. The masses of people are looking to glory hounds for leadership. The old make a stand; go to court and be persecuted blueprint has never created a successful leader. If African Americans were honest they would realize preachers haven’t been very great at leading. No one is bashing Martin Luther King Jr. so calm down. The point is that the people on television are just that, people talking on television. If they were really going to change African American destiny would Caucasian owned networks make them famous?
“Any person who is extolling African Americans to use violence against the government in 2016 is an Agent Provocateur.” This was the last thing I told the African American male and female. There are countless programs in place in the USA to detain unruly populations of people. Go to the Internet and Google concentration camps in the USA. I know you can’t believe everything on the World Wide Web. In this game of life and death, freedom or incarceration can African Americans take the risk?