Meet Cameron Buford | Founder Of What’s Good In Sports

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By David Jordan Jr

The beauty of sports and athletics as a whole is its innate ability to connect people all over the world. Sports has provided avenues for communication and interaction that have commonly been closed and nonexistent due to many social ills and problems that have been present in society over the last century. Journalist Cameron Buford has a clear understanding of not only the power of sports but also the power of the great things that many athletes do willingly to not only improve their local community but the world. Founding “What’s Good In Sports” in 2017, Buford has been able to combine his deep love of sports with the athletes and teams that make memories for fans during the games as well as off the playing courts and playing fields. Buford passion for sports and the great things taking place in all aspects of all sports has inspired his platform.  “As a longtime sports fan from Seattle, WA., I’ve also lived in St. Mary’s, Georgia and Hampton, Virginia before settling in Southern California. My life principals have largely been based on the various lessons I’ve learned competing in sports throughout my life. This passion for sports led me to coaching local youth sports on the both east and west coast. Since I have gained so much from my time and experience as an athlete, I wanted to get to understand and share the similar stories about today’s athletes. This desire to understand the person within the athlete has driven me to create multiple forums for me to share my findings with like minded people and fans. My Voice of the Fans podcast can be heard on multiple platforms including, but not limited too, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and the Anchor app.. Additionally, I founded the website as another forum to share my thoughts with the public.  From heavyweight boxing matches, NCAA Athletics, exclusive NFL stories and NBA behind the scenes stories, “What’s Good In Sports” has created the atmosphere for fans to further engage with their favorite teams and athletes on a more intimate level.

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