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By David Jordan Jr

What’s in the bag? This is a question that can be asked both literally and figuratively. Whether with day to day use, traveling or shopping, having the right bag can enhance or hinder one’s experience. Stylish, accommodating and unique, ShoreBags provides an experience of totality with its exclusive line of bags. Offering a men’s and women’s line of various types of bags, ShoreBags are extremely unique in the development from the beginning process to the finished product. Featured at the Golden Globes Secret Room Gifting Suite in Los Angeles, attendees were able to check out and receive exclusive bags. The men’s line features luggage packs, laundry duffel, shoe bag, travel kits, and the women’s lines features jewelry rolls, tennis bags, Cabana totes in addition to other gifting options that are available.

ShoreBags (headquarters based in Northwest Indiana) are made independently in their factory overseas in New Delhi, India. Employees at this factory are compromised of at least 50% rural women, allowing opportunities to residents of the area. The bags produced are also eco-friendly, allowing you to be stylish while also helping protect the environment. Nearly 30% of the raw materials used in all of the products created come from post-industrial waste, helping in the preservation of resources while also producing a quality product. ShoreBags also offers customization to its different products, catering to each consumers personal requests. Visit to check out the entire line of ShoreBags products.

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