Pauline Malcolm & Malinda Williams Host Women’s Empowerment Brunch

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By David Jordan Jr

Inspiration, love, empowerment and education. These attributes created the atmosphere for a day of uplifting, self-reflection and bonding. The Women’s Empowerment Brunch, hosted by actress and entrepreneur Malinda Williams (Founder of She’s Got a Habit) and entertainment executive Pauline Malcolm (Founder of 9 To 5 Fab) brought together women from various industries and professions to discuss the realities of being not only a woman in today’s society but how to function efficiently as a woman in a society that has created labels and myths that in most cases does not create an air of positivity. Alexis Kerr (Head of Multicultural Marketing at Cadillac) and Dr. LaKesha Legree (Founder of Elev8 MD Wellness Center) were on a panel with Tanika Ray and the event hosts to fully engage in discussions about life balance for women, being a black woman in today’s society and to debunk the “Super Woman” myth. The dialogue between the panel was raw and real as each panelist was able to connect and educate those in attendance with not only personal experiences but factual statistical data that created a deep connection for all listening. The approximately fifty women in attendance all shared a common bond in the sense of understanding the importance of being the best versions of themselves on a daily basis while also allowing themselves to understand that they are not perfect and that vulnerability can be healthy. The crowd of women ranged from executives of Fortune 500 companies to high-level executives in different aspects of the entertainment industry. The event enabled women to breathe as they are and create connections and relationships with other women. Check out the gallery from the Women’s Empowerment Brunch below.