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By David Jordan Jr

This year Le Bijoux Parfum released it’s flagship men’s fragrance “Emperor Maserati Oud for Men.” Le Bijoux Parfum, a company of class, elegance and uniqueness has continued to make its mark on the world of fashion with its newest fragrance for men. Soft yet commanding, subtle yet intriguing Emperor Maserati Oud for Men is the perfect scent for any occasion. The chicness of the fragrance is powerful enough for a day full of business and the freshness is just as calming for a night at home fresh out of the jacuzzi. Encased in magnificent packaging, the 24 karat bottle epitomizes the essence of Le Bijoux Parfum. Emperor Maserati Out for Men is an ambrosial scent that is a must-have for any man looking to command a moment of greatness or captivate the intrigue of a woman.

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