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ESHE Magazine
    Actor and filmmaker Brian Derozan has reached ultimate success in various aspects of his life. As a student-athlete at Kansas State University, he attained his BFA while also playing Divison I college football for the Wildcats. Brian currently is a Romulan Officer on Star Trek Picard and also working on a few new projects.
ESHE Magazine:  How did you get started in the entertainment business?
Brian Derozan: I fell in love with acting and storytelling as a child when I first saw Star Wars. When I moved out to LA I started out as an extra, then started booking commercials and local theatre.

ESHE Magazine: When did you feel like this would be your career path?
Brian Derozan: After seeing the film Pulp Fiction, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life, so after graduating from KSU I packed up my car and drove from the midwest to LA to be an actor.
ESHE Magazine: What has been your biggest role to date?
Brian Derozan: Recurring role as a Romulan Officer on Star Trek Picard.
ESHE Magazine: Tell us more about that particular production and where it was shot?
Brian Derozan: We shot it in Santa Clarita and after 3 hours in the makeup chair, I walked onto the sound stage and was blown away at the scale of everything. Furthermore, everyone on set was incredibly kind and welcoming. 
ESHE Magazine: What inspires you to keep going in an extremely competitive business?
Brian Derozan: My love for acting and filmmaking inspires me to continue. Plus my belief that I will succeed.
ESHE Magazine: What person (or people) made an impact on you in your career?
Brian Derozan: Arthur Mendoza was my acting teacher and mentor. He definitely had the largest impact so far.
ESHE Magazine: What do you enjoy most when you are not working in front of the camera?
Brian Derozan: I love to travel and explore the world so much that I started a travel channel on YouTube.
ESHE Magazine: What do you have coming up next?
Brian Derozan: I’m currently writing and acting for the series ‘Very Frightening Tales” as well as making my Directorial debut for my next film.
ESHE Magazine: What advice do you have for someone who is just starting out in the industry?
Brian Derozan: Work harder than everyone else and never, ever give up.
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