Meet Gwen Legge Manager of Eruption Boxing & MMA Management

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By David Jordan Jr

The sport of boxing is built on the dynamics of hard work, belief and trust. Hard work and belief propels fighters to reach their full potential and the trust in the right team enables success to be a possibility. The belt is the ultimate goal for any fighter in either boxing or MMA.

Gwen Legge, manager of Eruption Boxing & MMA Management Company has made it a priority to make a difference in the careers of fighters with her company. Originally from New York, Legge has resided in Southern California for over forty years. Eruption Boxing & MMA Management Company has made an impact in the and out of the ring/cage with its success in athlete management and also with its apparel brand. Eruption currently has eleven fighters under their management. Recently Gwen talked to ESHE Magazine about her company and its impact upon its fighters.

David Jordan Jr: Eruption Boxing & MMA Management Company has provided the opportunity for fighters all over the world to pursue their career goals in the ring and in the cage. What inspired the creation of this company?

Gwen Legge: The need for a well-organized Boxing & MMA Management team that truly cares about the welfare of the fighter himself both inside and outside the ring.

David Jordan Jr: The growth of MMA fighting on the global level has been tremendous in recent years. What do you feel has been the most important element in the growth of the sport on a global level?

Gwen Legge: I personally would not say tremendous growth but it has been become more popular because of the lack of a “MIKE TYSON” fight model in the heavyweight division. I believe that Joe Mesi was the coming of the boxing messiah but unfortunately that did not work out. The heavyweight division and fighters of the weight have always dominated the sport since the days of Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Jersey Joe, Ezzard Charles, George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, and Joe Frazier, etc.

David Jordan Jr: Eruption Boxing & MMA Management currently manages multiple fighters. What makes your fighters unique in the respective sports of Boxing and MMA?

Gwen Legge: As much as most people don’t want to admit it but fans watch the sport more for a devastating knock out rather than for a fighter with no power yet wins all his fights by decision. i.e. Mike Tyson devastating KO’s in the ring. “I don’t want to see someone get hurt but I do want to see someone get knocked out cold”.

Victor Toney In Action

Triston Brookes Working The Ring


David Jordan Jr: Success in the ring and success in the cage is attained through a tremendous amount of hard work both in the ring and out of the ring. As a manager, what is the point of emphasis that you reiterate to your fighters as they seek to accomplish more success?

Gwen Legge: This is a fight; this is a brawl between you and your opponent. This is NOT a game and this not a team sport so if you slack on your preparation, you will fall short on what you need in the ring. This is a FIGHT. Fighters get hurt. Sometimes badly. This is YOUR fight, and you will get out what you put in. If you’ve done your pre fight work and you did your physical preparation and you keep your mind focused on what you have to do then you will be proud of what you have accomplished regardless of the result. It takes Guts to do what you do and ALL those tough guys acting tough don’t have the guts to do what you are doing so be proud of your accomplishments.

David Jordan Jr: Outside of talent in the ring/cage what do you look for in fighters that aligns with the mission of Eruption Boxing & MMA Management?

I as a Manager look for these specific traits in a person, which are their attitude, demeanor, honesty, being a good listener, reliable, and are humble.


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