Maggie B. Walker, Talks About Her “Dear Dreamer” Affirmation Cards Collection And The Launch Of MagMotivates Creative Company

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By David Jordan Jr:

Life’s journey has a way or presenting individuals with with boundless opportunities for change, impact and growth. How one decides to utilize the opportunities presented each day determines the ways in which one’s life can either progress forward or remain stagnant. Maggie B. Walker, creative Director of MagMotivates Creative Company LLC epitomizes the power of a positive outlook on life, the belief of achieving goals set before one’s self and the impact that one’s life can have on a perfect stranger. Maggie has utilized her life’s journey and life experiences to create the “Dear Dreamer” affirmation cards collection. There are power in the words you speak over your life and the lives of others and with this affirmation card collection, Maggie has created an avenue for positivity to be apart of a person’s everyday life. Maggie recently talked to ESHE Magazine about her new collection and how she aims to impact the world with her life’s journey.

David Jordan Jr: Your life journey and your career journey seem to have crossed paths at the perfect time with the inception of MagMotivates Creative Company. How did your journey enable you to start your company?

Maggie B. Walker: My journey enabled me to start my company for a couple of reasons. Originally intending to launch my first book in 2019, I opted for a change in direction. Recognizing the importance of building my brand before releasing a book, I decided to establish my own motivational creative company. I faced unexpected obstacles during my book-writing process. Due to personal reasons, I temporarily put that project on hold, to avoid being an author with an unknown identity. Prioritizing the establishment of my brand and gaining a following became the optimal decision before releasing larger projects.

David Jordan Jr: What is the focus of MagMotivates Creative?

Maggie B. Walker: The focus of MagMotivates Creative Company is dedicated to advocating for mental health, serving as a safe space for dream chasers, creating motivational products, and giving back to the community. As part of my future endeavors, I will self-publish my books and release original independent films that will inspire people all over the world.


David Jordan Jr: What inspires you in life?

Maggie B. Walker: Every day, my family serves as a profound source of inspiration. The sight of my children reinforces my commitment, reminding me that giving up is not an option; they rely on me to strive for greatness. I am confident that the endeavors I pursue are not only a testament to my determination but also a beacon of hope for my family and friends. Through my work, I aim to demonstrate that pursuing one’s dreams is possible, no matter what we experience in this lifetime.

David Jordan Jr: Why is it important for people in this world to understand the importance of their dreams, goal and aspirations?

Maggie B. Walker: People in this world need to understand the importance of their dreams, goals, and aspirations because we live in a world that is full of negativity and distractions. I firmly believe that self-awareness plays a pivotal role in recentering oneself on the path to purpose when faced with detours. Each of us has a unique purpose on this earth, and I advocate for the exploration of one’s special gifts and talents.

David Jordan Jr: No two days are the same in life. How do you feel people should approach each day’s journey?

Maggie B. Walker: I believe it’s essential for individuals to start each day with gratitude and prayer. Each morning, even during challenging times, I make a conscious effort to find something to be grateful for. The power of gratitude provides me with strength and resilience, helping me persevere and maintain faith that things will unfold in ways far beyond my imagination.

David Jordan Jr: Your “Dear Dreamer” affirmation card collection is unique in the way it presents positivity and inspiration. How did you develop the concept for the collection?

Maggie B. Walker: My “Dear Dreamer” affirmation cards stem from a decade of my blog and social media posts. Inspired by the symbolism in each design, these affirmations are a unique extension of my journey. With a deep appreciation for bohemian aesthetics, known for their calming and peaceful nature, I chose to infuse my first deck of cards with a boho theme.

Using warm earth-tone neutral colors and a variety of shapes and symbols, each card was thoughtfully crafted to inspire dreamers with encouraging words they can carry with them daily.

David Jordan Jr: What is the best piece of advice you’ve received that you reference in your daily walk?

Maggie B. Walker: The best two pieces of advice that I’ve received that I reference in my daily walk are to never take anything too personally and that sometimes God takes us the long way so that we don’t end up going the wrong way. These two mantras changed my outlook on life forever.


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