Kings Of Vegas | Est. 1990

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The UNLV Runnin’ Rebels 1989-90 basketball team captivated the country in their run for the NCAA championship – but their story did not end there. A new documentary featuring the entire team, dives into the pivotal actions the Rebels made in NCAA history and how that year not only propelled the Rebel family into their own individual successes but changed the face of college basketball forever. From the NCAA allegations and sanctions to the unprecedented run to the tournament championship, this production frames the true story of the Rebels and the impact they have had on basketball, and American pop culture.

Capturing the first reunion of the entire team in over 30 years, this full-length docuseries features each player sharing their story, in their own words, through one-on-one interviews. The full team, consisting of Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon, Greg Anthony, David Butler, Anderson Hunt, Bryan Emerzian, Travis Bice, David Rice, Moses Scurry, James Jones, Stacey Cvijanovich, Christian Jeter, and Barry Young eagerly share their story and how they believe as a team, they helped usher in a new era in college basketball.

The Runnin’ Rebels story would not be complete without exploring the full culture influence impacting the team’s success. Appearances with Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Kimmel, Chuck D, Coach Krzyzewski, Kenny Anderson, and multiple opposing players wrap around the story that took place on and off the court, including the young Jimmy Kimmel, a UNLV student in 1989, becoming the team’s number one fan!

Unfortunately, the most influential and impactful member of the team, coach Jerry Tarkanian passed in 2015. The players along with friends and family will give insight into how important and loved Jerry and Lois Tarkanian were to the team and community.

Filming of this documentary, the first to capture the full Runnin’ Rebels story, will conclude in November 2024. In June, a round-table discussion with the full team will be held in Las Vegas moderated by a notable cultural personality. We are anticipating a March 2025 release in conjunction with the 35th year anniversary of winning the national championship.

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