Scholar’s Spotlight : Meet Trenton Findley Jr | Kentucky State University

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By David Jordan Jr

“A king is not only distinguished by his royalty, but his commitment to servitude and love for his people” – Trenton Findley Jr.

The blueprint for success starts with the educational journey of one’s self. Education is a part of everyday of life; in the classroom, in athletics, in our personal lives and in our professional lives. The foundation set to achieve high goals academically will allow an individual the opportunity to achieve and excel in any endeavor that they have made a choice to pursue in their life.

Trenton Findley Jr is a man that exemplifies what it means to be a student athlete. Trenton Findley Jr is a rising senior at Kentucky State University. Majoring in Computer Science, he has demonstrated a high commitment to excellence in the classroom and also in the sports in which he participates As a student athlete, Trenton has participated in both collegiate basketball and collegiate volleyball.


Recently he was named the 31st Mister Kentucky State University. This prestigious accolade demonstrates the commitment to achievement by this scholar and the respect he holds amongst his peers as a scholar student at Kentucky State University. Trenton is also a member of  Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.


Trenton has a deep passion for photographer and videography and embraces this passion by capturing moments and telling stories to the world through visual media.

Given the blueprint for success from his mother and father, Trenton will continue to make an enormous impact on the campus of Kentucky State University and in the world. Trenton recently talked to ESHE about his life as a scholar student and his future goals.

David Jordan Jr: What is your major and what led you to choosing that major?

Trenton Findley Jr:  I am a Computer Science major. When I was transferring to Kentucky State, there were way more majors available than there were from my previous school. I knew I was interested in a STEM major, and computer science was what stood out to me. I really just thought it would be cool to be honest.

David Jordan Jr: Having the opportunity to be a student-athlete is something that is essentially a privilege earned through hard work. How has being a student athlete contributed to your everyday life when it comes to discipline, goals and daily tasks?

 Trenton Findley Jr: Being a student athlete helped me level up my work ethic and drive. Ever since my freshman year, I had to earn every minute I got on the court. I was motivated everyday to sharpen my skills to be able to play the game that I loved when it really mattered. That translated well for me off the court, I took  the 6 Ps very seriously( Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance ). As long as God gives me the ability to do, I will do my part in improving myself.

David Jordan Jr: At Kentucky State you’ve not only had the chance to be a scholar student-athlete, you were also named Mr. Kentucky State. What was that experience like for you?

Trenton Findley Jr: I’d be lying if I said it was all fun. It was definitely more stressful then I first imagined it would be. There were so many hours put in and many obstacles in the process, but I am very grateful for that experience. It molded me into a new version of myself. I made so many connections with people and had the opportunity to learn AND teach simultaneously. I’m extremely blessed to be THEE 31st Mister Kentucky State University.


David Jordan Jr: Upon completion of your degree(s) what are some of your goals that you aspire to accomplish?

Trenton Findley Jr: After completing my degree, I aspire to become a creative director. In the process of creation. As someone who is experienced in many fields like photography, videography, sewing, coding, graphic design, marketing, and much more, I know I could be a living resource for myself and for others. I think that it is pretty crazy to think that I create things from visions, dreams, and ideas, I am in love with the process and making those things a reality.


David Jordan Jr: The impact parents have on the success of their children during their scholastic career can never been undervalued. Can you tell us how your parents have impacted your life as a student and as an athlete?

Trenton Findley Jr: My parents are my everything. I would be nothing without them. I’ve gotten nothing but endless love and support from them in WHATEVER I do. They are the reason I am the man I am today, they’ve taught me well. Whenever I receive any type of praise for anything I’ve done, I can’t help but think that they are the reason why I am able to do good for myself and for others. I couldn’t have had better parents. I love my mom and dad with everything in me.


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