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By Frank James IV
People see things the way they want to see them. This statement is true when applied to the way African American see their children. The problem is other races don’t share the African American viewpoint of African American youth. Other races in the USA have begun to view African American youth negatively. Meanwhile African Americans look upon their youth with rose-colored glasses.
Children are supposed to be innocent and gifts from the gods. In the African American community children are changing from innocent gifts to something else. In the USA children of all races have image issues. The group that gains the most attention is African American youth. It’s time for African Americans to address the image problem before some other faction does.
The rose colored glasses that African Americans view their youth are thick and welded onto their faces. Ask any teacher about interactions with blinded African American parents and you will hear the tales.6815637266_8575e5767c_b African American parents often see their children in a way that is a lie at best. Unless parents open their eyes the killing and exploitation of African American youth will continue.
In the USA a teenage African American male has menacing image. One reason is all ages of African American males identify with the thug persona. The wholesome, innocent male teen image left the African American community decades ago. The urban wear that many African American males flock to says one thing to other races, “I’m a menace.” African American parents support this image by buying their male children this type of clothing.
The African American female child is in a similar situation. For years society has labeled African American females as lust driven fiends. It seems that in 2016 African American parents want to make sure this image sticks. Barrettes and pony- tails have been replaced by colored weave. African American middle school girls normally dress like grown women and wear make up. SLJ140501_FT_SisOps-tech-Why does this take place? African American parents purchase the items that enable young African American females to do this.
This leads us to today’s society and it’s view of African American youth. African American males often roam the streets in packs reeking of menace. Would you want to run into a group of young African American males on a lonely street at night? How many times you have seen a young African American female and felt she looked too grown. African Americans have to ask these types of questions and be honest in their answer.
The African American parent has to see the youth as they are not as they wish them to be.
African Americans have to take control and shape their children’s image. If African Americans keep lying to themselves about their youth the killing and exploitation will continue.
For too long African Americans have blamed others for their lack of perceptiveness. This unrealistic image African Americans have of their youth is ruining today and killing the future. African American parents need to unplug the television, log off Facebook and look at their children. You have to put something into a thing to get something out. It’s time for African American parents to put more into their children besides sports and birth control.2010 100% College Acceptance Press Conference
If African Americans don’t change their perception of African American youth the rose-colored glasses with become black shades of mourning.