The Law Of Acting: Actress Chanté Bowser Discusses Her Career And Her Passion For Her Craft

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By David Jordan Jr

Many people are born with gifts that surface at different points of their lives. Some people may recognize their gift later in life, others may recognize their gift and passion immediately. For Chante Bowser, the act of recognizing her gift happened at an early age. For Bowser, an award-winning actress, writer, and attorney, her passion for acting surfaced early in her life and was cultivated by an environment that helped her hone her talent for her future profession. Originally from Virginia Beach, she has landed a variety of roles in many major productions. Chanté has been seen on CBS’ Under The Dome, Lee Daniels’ Star, Fox’s Lethal Weapon, TV One’s Born Again Virgin and Lifetime’s Faith Under Fire as Toni Braxton’s daughter. Forthcoming productions will see her in a supporting role in the soon to be released film Best of Enemies against Academy Award-Nominated Actress Taraji P. Henson and Academy Award-Winning Actor Sam Rockwell.

This film will be in theatres in April 2019. Summer 2019 she will be on screen in other featured productions; the family-friendly movie Dally & Spanky with The Descendantsstar, Brenna D’Amico, and Mirror Mirror a Bishop John Wynn Production. Living by the motto O.T.E. (“Only The Wolves Eat”) Chanté has been able to successfully pursue her passion and craft while ascending to new levels in her career. Recently Chanté spoke with ESHE about her career, her approach to acting and her upcoming productions.



DJJ: How did you develop an interest in acting, the arts as a child? Was it a particular moment, movie or tv show that triggered your interest?



CB: As a kid, my family was always performing. At family reunions, the northern and southern families would get together and perform skits; I would dance and sing, I grew out of the singing but I was the first one in the family to take it in front of the camera. It’s always been genetic for us.



DJJ: You’re also an attorney. How has the real-life experience of being an attorney helped you in your career on both the acting side and also the business side?



CB: When it comes to acting, one of the things I learned in becoming an attorney is analyzing and why people do the things that they do or why the decisions were made. When it comes to my script analysis that is one of the best things that translates over, being able to analyze why the character is doing what the character is doing. Being to apply the concept of IRAC (Issue, Rules, Analysis, Conclusion) and being able to look over the entire script, the scenes and being to have a total understanding of all of the interactions. I totally love the study of law and I love where I studied, Howard University. On the business side people aren’t able to get over on me, it protects me as a single female in this industry. It gives me that coats of arms that most people don’t have.



DJJ: What is your preparation in a television role vs a movie role for you personally?



CB: For me ,it is exactly the same. I do my analysis for every single film, every single audition. I break everything down so that I am totally prepared. It reflects in your work. People in this industry have a sixth sense and people have noticed that I put in the time for my preparation for the characters. My work ethic from law school translated into acting.



DJJ: Your blog not only updates on what you’re doing, but you give a perspective to the process and updates on things that you’re doing and achieving. What type of reaction have you gotten from people?



CB: It’s been informative for people. People just see the end result and they don’t realize the work that goes into that person getting there. There’s levels in this industry. It shows the work that people put in to get to where they presently are. The studying of the character, the work that goes into the character, the process is all about learning the craft. When people contact me through my website and ask how do they become an actor I always tell them, “TAKE CLASSES.” perfect your craft. I did it for free for seven years, of course, I get paid now but I will still do it for free. I love it. You have to love what you’re doing. You love taking on a character, you love the art of storytelling. For me every time I get into a class it’s fun; I’m learning a new aspect of acting that I never knew before.



DJJ: You’ve been a part of many true stories and biographical films. Talk about your passion for being a part of these types of stories.



CB: I always like looking for people in black history, somebody that I can play. Telling the story of a black inventor, a black scientist or anywhere in history where we’ve done something that hasn’t been heard. Being able to bring the story to life that is what I want to do. I love that aspect of it.



DJJ: Best of Enemies. Tell us about your role and what you hope people gain from this film.



CB: My character is the co-head of the mental hospital. I play Taraji’s mentee. I can’t spoil it but my role was very helpful in what Ann Atwater was trying to attain. I love my character because she is sassy, she has fire during a time when blacks didn’t have positions of power, especially in the medical field. Her interactions with Sam Rockwell’s character (who is also the head of the Klu Klux Klan) were awesome. It was great that she was allowed to be this woman in this film. This film will show people that we all can change.


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