One comment on “The Negro Leagues | A Photo Essay

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    Some incredible photos here despite the absence, in many instances, of identifying cutlines. I interviewed Buck Leonard at the 1984 Induction Day in Cooperstown, one of the highlights of a 30-year newspaper career. A wonderful man with enough stories and memories to fill 10 notebooks. The Negro Leagues pre-date me (I’m 66), but I’ve always been fascinated by the players who manned those teams and who would no doubt have played (and in many cases starred in the Major Leagues had it not been for their complexion. I was a Mantle fan growing up, thaat is until I started reading up on the exploits of the incomparable Josh The Basher Gibson. As a catcher, I was compelled to switch allegiances. In my humble estimation, the three greatest catchers of all-time: Josh Gibson, John Bench and Campy Campanella.

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