Embrace The Days

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As the year 2020 draws to a close, we should all take time to reflect upon all of the lessons that have been provided to us all as a whole. The subconscious reality is that nothing is promised and nothing should be taken for granted. These are things, clichés if you will, that have always been said and used but have become a pillar of truth during the year 2020. Death, tragedy, and uncertainty are things that happen in everyday life; some people don’t seem to embrace this fact until it hits home. Embracing each day, embracing time, embracing good health, and embracing love is something that should be done with every breath taken on this earth. The global shutdown of the world starting in March 2020 enabled everybody the opportunity to have time to invest in themselves. The things which you may have wanted to do or said that you always wanted to do were to an extent placed in your lap with the stopping of time and the world. The financial impact of the world shutdown was felt by many across the globe, but the time afforded to invest in yourself, your family, your goals, and your career aspirations is unprecedented. For the generations living during this time, there will probably never be another time period where you can one hundred percent fully invest time into everything you want to do in life without the massive interruptions and bustle of everyday life. My hope is that everybody has been able to make forward progression during 2020 despite the obstacles and uncertainties that have become apart of day-to-day life. Attitude, insight, and positivity are tools that lead to greatness and achievement. Putting the time in to become better in each aspect of your life will produce a fruitful reward. Being a light of positivity and spreading love to others in the world will enable you to not only grow as a person but also be a positive example for those that may not see that type of energy on a daily basis. Make 2021 your year of harvest; expect success and embrace success.

Wishing You A Happy, Blessed, And Prosperous New Year

David Jordan Jr

Editor In Chief

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