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By David Jordan Jr

The essence of art is that it touches every aspect of the world in a one-of-a-kind, unique type of way. Artists that create through music, dance, spoken word, painting, and drawing have a gift that gives forever. Metin Berekelti, a self-taught painter has been using his works of art to bring positivity to the world and to shine a light on the diversity everywhere on this earth. Also known as “Hollywood’s Healing Painter,” his works have been featured in many different films, television shows, and exhibits across the world. Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Metin about his life as an artist, his inspiration as an artist, and how his paintings have impacted the world.

David Jordan Jr: How did you develop an interest in art?

Metin Bereketli: I’m a self-taught artist/painter. My interest in painting developed during my childhood. Creativity and painting were always alive in my soul. I was a very energetic kid. I would use the paper sheets, roots of trees, rocks, and wood pieces to create art pieces. These objects were art material in my imagination. I would give my work as gifts to my aunts, friends, and loved ones and their smiles and reactions made me happy and encouraged me to create more.

David Jordan Jr: What aspects of your life do you feel help you in your creativity as an artist?

Metin Berekelti: The positive reinforcement and feedback I received as a child, as a young artist. When you are a child, you create something original and interesting, your family members applaud you and encourage you, and make you want to pursue more and create more.

David Jordan Jr: Your work has been featured in many different films and television shows; what has enabled your work to be placed in different arenas?

Metin Bereketli: Yes many of my original paintings have been selected by many different film and television productions; I’m very lucky and proud to see my original artworks recognized by such great shows and watched by millions of people around the world. It is a blessing. I would like to send many thanks to the creative departments of the entertainment industry in the United States of America.

David Jordan Jr: You do a lot of work in the fields of charity and community. Can you describe the feeling of being able to have a positive impact on the world through your art?

Metin Bereketli: I’m Always thinking “what can I give to others to make them happy?” Maybe my special artistic philanthropy started at a young age. It has become a way of living for me all of my life. My special focus is on diversity. My fervent wish is to bring together all people from all kinds of religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. That’s his definition of Heaven On Earth, and you can see my dedication in over a dozen original works I have created in the past.

Metin Bereketli’s Philosophy is: “From what we get, we can make a living. What we give, however, makes a life.” ~ Arthur Ashe

David Jordan Jr: What inspires you to create?

Metin Bereketli: I am an artist who has transcended my time by focusing on global themes like courage, freedom, and love. You can witness my dedication to such core values in every canvas that my brush has touched. I have repeatedly portrayed in all its joy and effervescence; birds! They represent peace, innocence, and freedom. That’s why they have graced many of my paintings like angels singing to us from another dimension. I also turned my energies to another area and created my “Cities of the World” Series. In each of these truly original canvasses, you can see a heart aching and caring not only for the living creatures of our planet but even for its pavements, buildings, avenues, and waterways. That’s how complete is my dedication to the glory of our world. I have paid great attention to these paintings since I wanted the people of the world to communicate well with each other. As an artist, I use explosive colors, joyous forms, and a social conscience grounded in the universal values of diversity, tolerance, and individual freedoms to spread my message. As a creator, I have transcended my time by focusing on global themes like courage, freedom, and love.

You can witness my dedication to such core values in every canvass that my brush has touched. Starting my career on the shores of the Aegean Sea / Mediterranean Sea, home to dozens of civilizations in history, I have painted many different things that have impactful messages. Children playing under open blue skies, animals, and all kinds of fascinating forms teeming with spiritual energy, and world leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and JFK portrayed on the kind of backgrounds that conveyed the historic narrative with fascinating vigor and economy.

David Jordan Jr: The uniqueness of your works is evident in the colors used, patterns, and projected imagery. What is the one emotion you aim to touch in those that see your work?

Metin Bereketli: Today, as the foremost practitioner of this cutting-edge therapeutic art happening in the world, I continue to bring the vibrant light of self-renewal to kids of all ages and backgrounds through his exclusive “Healing Art” sessions held from coast to coast. Art is about elevating our souls to a level of purity not possible otherwise. That is, art is a healing process at its core and every true artist is a healer by default.
Bringing peace and bliss to those kids in need through my revolutionary method of “Healing Art” has been the secret thrill and principal focus of My artistic energies.

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  • Bill Sullivan , Direct link to comment

    We’ll done my friend, great article. Keep up the good work, talk soon. Stay safe & healthy.

  • Shirley Tyler , Direct link to comment

    This is a great article. I truly describes your love of people and your commitment to use your artistic talent to better humankind. We are better for having you in our lives.

  • Kim Conley , Direct link to comment

    A beautiful read and introduction to you – thank you for sending me the link to this article. I feel very moved by your words and especially your philanthropic action taking. It truly reflects the giving and authentic soul that you are.

    Kim, CEO of Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation, South Africa – changing lives – one child at a time.

  • Scherr Lillico , Direct link to comment

    Wonderful article. We need more individuals to hold the same beliefs. The Healing Painter photos with the children are amazing and I hope Mr. Bereketli is able to continue that as I know it has a major impact on their emotional well-being. You can see the joy in their faces showing what the experience brought to them at that time. I know he contributes prints to so many worthy organizations which helps them to raise funds for their purposes which is very kind. Keep painting Mr. Bereketli!

  • Dr. David Reisberg , Direct link to comment

    Metin is a goodwill ambassador to the world.
    A talented artist, a joyful personality and a unique human being.
    We need people like him now more than ever
    Thank you my friend for all of the good you do.

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