Frank James IV Releases His Newest Book “Give Them All A’s! “

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Frank James IV has been writing and dreaming for decades.  Mr. James’ latest work, Give Them All A’s! is a fun look at teaching in the USA.  The book explains the methods and strategies Mr. James picked up during his teaching career.  The book is written to put a smile on the people on the front lines of education in the USA, teachers.  Mr. James offers suggestions to teachers that will help their day go smoother.  Everyone knows an easier workday can lead to a more productive workday. 

Mr. James explains that a successful teacher is one who can adapt to any situation.  Mr. James also takes the readers who do not work in the educational field into a school setting.  His unapologetic explanations take parents into the educational world their children attend daily.  Though the book is written for teacher encouragement, anyone can learn from the information in the book.  Parents will get a good look at themselves from a teacher’s viewpoint.  School administration and districts will also get a chance to view themselves from the viewpoint of a teacher who is a self-proclaimed success.

Give Them All A’s! is a rare book that uses comedy to relay an upbeat and positive message to teachers around the USA.  Whether people agree or disagree with Mr. James’ technique, if they work in a school they will say he is right.  Maybe not 100 percent correct but right on some points.  James has said “If I could bat 1000, I wouldn’t be teaching. I’d be playing for the New York Yankees making 50 million a year.”

       Give Them All A’s! is available now at: and BookBaby BookShop.  The book will be available at all major booksellers in late August 2021.