The Ultimate Development Learning Center | Shaping Young Minds For The Future

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By David Jordan Jr

A child’s formative years can sometimes be indicative of how they may not only see life but also live life. One of the most important aspects of early child development is the educational foundation. A solid, informative, and fun learning experience for children has the capability to turn them into lifelong scholars. The foundation for academic success starts at home with the parents and it is further developed by the teachers which will be instrumental in educating the children. Dorothea Frazier, M.A. Ed. has impacted and shaped the lives of countless students through her career as an educator. Having taught thirty-five years in the District of Columbia Public and Prince George’s County Public School, Frazier retired and founded her learning center for pre-schoolers called The Ultimate Development Learning Center. The passion, love, and energy for excellence that Frazier instructs her young learners is evident in not only the way she teaches but in the environment in which she teaches. A real-world set-up in the Ultimate Development Learning Center allows students to not only learn how to count, read, add and type but it also allows students to gain hands-on experience while also increasing habits of courtesy, respect, and self-discipline. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Dorothea about her career as an educator and the inspiration for The Ultimate Development Learning Center.

David Jordan Jr: You’ve been in education for many years as a teacher. Could you share with us your background as an educator?

Dorothea Frazier, M.A. Ed.: I am a product of the Hampton Roads School System, where I attended Bethel High School in Hampton Virginia. Upon graduation from high school, she was accepted and graduated from Norfolk State University where I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Care and Family Studies. My thirst for knowledge continued as I went on to receive a Master of Education from National-Louis University in Curriculum and Instruction.
   In 1985, I relocated to Washington, D.C. where I was gainfully employed for a year at the Assumption Catholic School in the southeast quadrant of the city. I also worked for the District of Columbia Public (DCPS)system for 10 years as a Head-start teacher. Continuously striving to attain high goals, I began working for Prince George’s County Public School (PGCPS) system. During my tenure with PGCPS I fell in love with kindergarten and 1st grades In June 2019. After 35 years of public school service, I retired from Prince George’s County Public School system. Seeing the need in my community to help with our future generation, I decided to follow my twenty-plus year dream of becoming leading me to become a proud owner /CEO of The Ultimate Development Learning Center, LLC (UDLC).

David Jordan Jr: What inspired you to create your pre-school for young children?

Dorothea Frazier, M.A. Ed.: I wanted to create a place where children can have a safe, clean, healthy, and loving environment where they can receive that one-on-one care that they so desperately need in this fast-paced world. I believe that children are a unique and valuable treasure in our society. My vision is that each child is accepted as a very unique individual.  I provide children with many enriching opportunities, with the core focus on development in the areas of social, educational, physical, and emotional enrichment. In partnership with their parents, this multifaceted approach is a continuation of a unique network that continues outside of my care. I strive to provide the families with the highest quality of years of experience; maintaining all of the standards, which provide the framework for me to implement a higher quality learning center.

David Jordan Jr: One of the most unique things about your learning center is the grocery store that you have that enables children to learn how to count, interact and also be mannerable. How did you come up with the concept for the grocery store in the learning center?

Dorothea Frazier, M.A. Ed.: I wanted to create a fun space that was unique that would fit in the learning center. I  not only wanted them to have that experience of shopping while learning and having fun.

David Jordan Jr: As an educator, I know that you’ve seen many changes in the development of young minds. What has been the most beneficial change that has helped in teaching pre-school children?

Dorothea Frazier, M.A. Ed.: The most beneficial change for me that has helped in pre-school children is the quality of care that is given to each of my scholars is First Class. My unique curriculum and hands-on education environment, in my view, are the best above the rest. Not only the educational side of UDLC I also prepare top-of-the-line meals daily even special meals to scholars that are vegan. The experience here at UDLC will remain with my scholars as it did for many of my students, I taught years ago.

David Jordan Jr: What are the most important things that you feel parents should do at home with their children before sending them to preschool?

Dorothea Frazier, M.A. Ed.: The most important things that I feel parents should do at home with their children before sending them to preschool is to teach them their real name and also try to have them potty trained.

David Jordan Jr: From your perspective, why are these years of schooling so instrumental to the future success of children?

Dorothea Frazier, M.A. Ed.: My perspective of why these years of schooling are so instrumental to the future success of children; I feel that prior experience can and will greatly impact and encourage children to learn and be ready for the public/private school atmosphere.

David Jordan Jr: What is the one thing that you aim to put inside of all of your students, no matter what age they are?

Dorothea Frazier, M.A. Ed.: I aim to put inside all of my students is learning to become independent, confident,  successful along with learning great work ethic.

David Jordan Jr: What brings you never-ending joy as an educator?

Dorothea Frazier, M.A. Ed.: What gives me never-ending joy as an educator is when I see my former students excel in college and pursue their careers as nurses, lawyers, school teachers..etc. So many of my students reach back and thank me. They now have great jobs to become independent and successful individuals. And I also love creating memories for my students that they will never forget and/ or talk about it to their children.




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  • Alicia Patrice Guy , Direct link to comment

    Very very nice I am so proud of you you say it and you did it I’d I had a child this ages I would love for you to be he’s or her Teacher I pray that you be blessed for opening up your House to Teacher children We need more people like you

  • Cheryl Scott , Direct link to comment

    I am so proud of ! You have always been a caring and loveable person! I pray God’s continued blessings over your life! God Bless you ! ❤?

  • Nicole Ross , Direct link to comment

    Beautiful brilliance! Mrs. Frazier, you are doing a wonderful job with our future leaders. Blessings to you and to your students! All the best ahead!

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