15th Annual Pink Pump Affair Presented By Areva Martin And The Special Needs Network

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By David Jordan Jr

Civil rights attorney Areva Martin has been a spearhead for change, improvement, and development in multiple communities and for many people. Her passion for seeking the good for all people is evident in everything that she is and has been a part of in various capacities.

The Special Needs Network was founded in 2005 by Martin, as her son was diagnosed with autism. The Special Needs Network provides support for those affected with developmental disabilities by providing resources and opportunities necessary for the affected to be extremely productive citizens in life. The 15th Annual Pink Pump Affair Extravaganza took place in Beverly Hills, California to raise money for special needs children and families of those affected by autism and other developmental disabilities. The “Pink” theme was evident in all of the attendees, as many shades of Pink were worn by all in attendance.

The extravaganza consisted of fine dining, a fashion show, a musical performance and an auction of various items donated for the event. Kerri Harper-Howie and Nicole Harper-Rawlins were honored with the Empowerment Award and California State Controller Malia Cohen was given the Trailblazer Award. Award-winning actresses Alfre Woodard and  Salli Richardson-Whitfield were present for an extremely engaging and inspiring conversation with Areva about life, the pursuit of goals and success, and the importance of being true to oneself.

The Pink Pump Affair is one of the various events that The Special Needs Network orchestrates to bring about awareness and help those with disabilities who are in need. For more information about The Special Needs Network, visit their website at SNNLA.org.

Check Out The Photo Gallery  From The Event Below: