Class Of 2023 | Words From The Editor

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To the Class of 2023, I want to first congratulate you all on this major accomplishment in your life thus far. To have reached this new plateau, you all put forth a great deal of hard work, focus, dedication, and commitment to reach your ultimate goal. Whether it’s pre-k, elementary school, middle school, high school, undergrad, grad or post-grad, the victory is priceless. As you begin to take the next steps in your life journey, understand that this new accomplishment is a springboard to future accomplishments. All of the highs and lows you encountered during the journey toward your 2023 graduation are permanent fixtures in your existence that you can draw from as your move forward in life. Never get discouraged when things do not go your way and never get too enamored with obtained success, for you could potentially forget what it took for you to get there.

As new days come forward in your life, be a beacon of light for others that want to and will eventually follow in your footsteps. Be a person that can provide the example and share wisdom that you attainted to help others achieve their goals in life. Be a hard worker, be dedicated and be positive in all things. Success is always found in the journey, whether you see it during or after it is completed. Embrace life and all of the things that come your way with a positive mindset and a retained focus. Live each day one day at a time and look forward to accomplishing all of your goals. BE GREAT!


Editor In Chief

David Jordan Jr