Captain Christopher Saffold Shares His Journey As A Pilot In The US Navy And For United Airlines

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By David Jordan Jr

Everything that we do in life starts with a vision. A vision that can serve as the foundation for the accomplishment of many goals in life. Captain Christopher Saffold is one of those people that attained a vision early in life and took the steps necessary to make it his living reality. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Captain Saffold had an early infatuation with airplanes and flying as a child, which was supported by his dad, who is also a pilot and used to take him to see the planes come and go, as they lived near one of the airports in the city. During those formative years, Captain Christopher Saffold had the seeds planted inside of him to want to become a pilot. Upon graduating from high school, Captain Saffold enlisted in the United States Navy and began his career in aviation, a career that would take him all over the world, holding many titles and earning various accomplishments.

After retiring from the Navy, Captain Saffold began a career flying commercially for United Airlines, where he was a first officer before being upgraded to Captain in 2023. Recently Captain Saffold talked to ESHE Magazine about his life journey and career in aviation. Check out the interview below.