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Cultural Icon Chronicles Defining Moments In Hip-Hop,

Covering 40+ Years In New, Expansive 300-Page Book

Featuring Over 100 Portraits


New York, NY (October 6, 2017) – “Chuck D Presents This Day In Rap And Hip-Hop History,”  one of the most comprehensive, chronological histories of rap and hip-hop ever written, will be available on October 10 at all major retailers, including Amazon.  Assembled by Chuck D, co-founder of Public Enemy and a respected, influential voice in the genre, the book includes pivotal moments from 1973 to the present alongside artistic portraits of people who have shaped the sound and the culture of hip-hop for over 40 years. This definitive history book takes readers from the Bronx to the billion dollar global phenomenon it is today.


The massive anthology opens with a house party on August 11, 1973 when DJ Kool Herc unleashed “the break” on his turntables.  By 1979, rap had become embraced by mainstream audiences as “Rapper’s Delight” sold over two million copies and went on to be the first hip-hop record on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart the following year.  “This Day In Rap And Hip-Hop History” follows the art form through more than four decades, examining artists and moments that drove the messages and the music with exacting details that can only come from a musicologist who has witnessed it firsthand.


“If you want to understand our culture. To learn knowledge itself. Truth about the art form of poetry in motion. The struggle of our community through rhyme and rhythm. This is the book that inspired me long before I found my place in hip-hop,” says Kendrick Lamar. “The power of self-expression. Unapologetically. Taught by the teacher himself. Chuck D!!!.”  “Reading this book is like reliving my life all over again,” adds LL Cool J.


The entries in “This Day In Rap And Hip-Hop History” are brought to life by over 100 portraits of the most influential figures in hip-hop, created by Shepard Fairey (who also contributed the book’s foreword), ASKEM, Amy Cinnamon, Andre LeRoy Davis, Holtom, Glen E. Friedman, A.J. Katz, Timothy McAuliffe (Gold Van), Scared of Monsters, Rinat Shingareev and Marco Ventura.


Chuck D is considered one of the most influential lyricists in contemporary music. Both as a solo artist and as the leader of the groundbreaking group Public Enemy (which was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013), he helped pave the way for political, social, and culturally conscious hip-hop. Public Enemy’s albums remain among the most critically acclaimed works in the genre, including “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” and “Fear of a Black Planet.” Chuck is also a prominent figure on the speaking circuit lending his voice to issues and causes ranging from technology to race relations.  He is a founding member of the new supergroup Prophets of Rage, alongside members of Rage Against the Machine and Cypress Hill.  Prophets of Rage have played to almost 3 million people around the world in the last year, with their first full-length album released in September 2017.



Genre: Nonfiction / Music / Genres & Styles / Rap & Hip Hop

On Sale: October 10 2017

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 Hardcover

Page Count: 352

ISBN-13: 9780316430982

University of Dope Changes “The Game” With Their New Product

ESHE Magazine | Brooklyn, New York

On the heels of Cards Against Humanity and Black Card Revoked comes University of Dope! An exciting-comical card game that celebrates Hip Hop culture, and is sure to take your game night to the next level! Hip hop novice? No worries! In University of Dope the “majority” chooses the correct answer and unpopular opinions are welcomed. This game is perfect for the hip hostess that loves both Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.udopewutang

“This Game is Dope, No Pun intended.”

About the Creators:

A.V. Perkins DIY Blogger and Social Media Influencer, living in Bed Stuy “Do or DIY” Brooklyn, NY that may have been a 90’s rapper in a previous life. Unfortunately, those musical talents did not transition into this life. A.V. is determined to change the face of “DIY” and home entertaining by encouraging young millennials to realize that life is better when you Do-It-Yourself!

Marian Andoh exposed herself to event planning at a very young age.  She interned at a PR company helping plan launch parties and other various events for high-end retailers and celebrities. During this time it allowed the lifelong music lover to explore another interest of hers, DJing. Assuming the stage name DJ Skinni Bee, Marian played the latest and greatest Hip Hop tunes in the hottest venues within the Atlanta area from 2006-2013.

The two met at Central Connecticut State University in 2004 and have been debating Hip Hop ever since.

University of Dope is now available for purchase. Find more information below. udope-fresh-prince



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A FREE WORLD | DCTG Sportswear

By David Jordan Jr
With the changing of the seasons, it’s only appropriate that the Wave GOD (Chris Douglas-Roberts) blesses the world with the releases of his much anticipated fashion collection, DCTG Sportswear.1v2a4423_massive

“Don’t Cheat The Grind” is not only something you wear; it’s a way of life, a way of living and maximizing one’s self to the highest level. Sportswear that is composed of not only fabric, but experiences has enabled  CDR to connect with the world on a unique level. The life he has lived has cultivated his perspective, which is clearly visible in the pieces in the collection. Simplicity and heart are what stand out when it comes to connecting with people. Style is something that you create and with each unique piece from the DCTG collection, one is able to create their own dynamic style.1v2a4198_massive DCTG Sportswear is unique in the fact that it enables us all to be apart of the something bigger than a label. We are all grinding through life for a purpose. Some people know their purpose early, others realize their purpose in the midst of their grind, but one thing is forever true; the grind reveals who we are as people.

Chris Douglas Roberts on the DCTG Sportswear Fall 2016 Collection –

As far as the mood: I’m creating a world. That’s what iconic street brands do. Create worlds that the people live in. Invested in. That’s how they become loyal supporters. I don’t like calling them customers. It’s a cool laid back world they can be themselves and feel comfortable in. A free world. DCTG™ Sportswear is a confidence too. No boundaries just positive vibes, love and acceptance. 1v2a4162_massive

As far as the personal gratification: I put my heart in it. I’m happy with it and that’s all that matters. I know the product is tight. I know the world I’m creating. I feel I’m a lot more advanced than a lot of “rookie” designers at this point.1v2a4623_massive I’ve only been in fashion for a year. This is my very first collection. I’m late with this release since its already considered Fall, but I’m going to get better. Like I said in a previous interview, my shit will be one of the hottest brands on the streets. And we aren’t going anywhere. I’m not chasing any trends. I’m not whoring the brand out by sending it to my famous friends. I can go through my Rolodex and ask for favors. Ask my famous friends to take pictures in my shit and post it, but fuck that; thats lame to me. I’m building this from the ground up. I want you to wear it because you like it. I’m going to stay true to DCTG™ Sportswear. I’m going to make shit I like, that I’ll wear, that’s stylish. The stylish people will find us. 1v2a4638_massive


WHO: DCTG™ Sportswear fashioned by Mason and Chris Douglas-Roberts.

Mason | IG @mai.mason

Chris Douglas-Roberts | IG @montecristo_ritchie

Photographed by Ashley Nguyen | IG @ashleyanp

WHERE: Venice Beach, California

Shop DCTG™ Sportswear By Clicking The Link http://www.wavegodtourmerch.com/collections/all

Please Baby Please Baby Please Baby Baby Baby Please

By David Jordan Jr

Enjoy these fun pieces, clips and artifacts from Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” as ESHE Magazine celebrates the 30th anniversary of the film’s release.


“The Dogs…”

Nola Darling Has Gotta Have Michael Jordan In This Air Jordan IV Commercial Directed By Spike Lee

|SOUNDTRACK| 1. Opening Credits [2:35] 2. Brooklyn Bridge [1:13] 3. He’s On It [1:16] 4. A Thought [3:06] 5. Nola-Vocals [3:41] 6. Ferrybank Restaurant [1:27] 7. Work Montage [0:44] 8. Who Will Be the One [1:20] 9. Nola-Instrumental [3:40] 10. A Thought (reprise) [1:11] 11. Nola Cleans Up [0:54] 12. Opal [0:30] 13. Final Confession [1:00] 14. Ind Line [0:34] 15. She’s Walkin’ [0:59] 16. Opal (reprise) [1:36] 17. The Hawk [0:45] 18. Nola-piano [0:40] 19. End Credits [2:28]
“Set The Bitch On Fire!”





French Press Release
French Press Release
French Press Release
French Press Release

She’s Gotta Have It | 30th Anniversary

By David Jordan Jr

” $50.00 Sneakers And I GOT.NO.JOB” – Mars Blackmon, 1986.

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Spike Lee’s first feature length film “She’s Gotta Have It.” This movie was Lee’s introduction to the cinematic world on the world stage. The significance and importance of this film is not measured by sheer results in the box office; this film, released on August 8th 1986, spearheaded a new direction for black cinema and it also planted roots for growth within the black community and black culture in regard to discussions about love, sex and relationships.spike-lee-gotta-1986 “She’s Gotta Have It” is a story based around the lead character Nola Darling (played by Tracy Camilla Johns) and her journey of self through her relationships with three different men. Jamie Overstreet ( played by Redmond Hicks), Greer Childs ( played by John Canada Terrell) and Mars Blackmon (played by writer and producer Spike Lee) are the three men that all make up the complex love life of Nola Darling. In the eyes of each of these men, Nola Darling is the ultimate catch. Eloquent, beautiful, sexy, independent and bold, Nola’s aura is a magnet for all men; her magnetic pull allowed her to have the options that in a sense completed her yet kept her wanting more. One of the most intriguing aspects of this film is how essentially the tables are turned in relationship roles; in most cases it is the man, not the woman that uses a plethora of women as his objects of love, support and sexual fulfillment. Lee showed the other side of the coin in “She’s Gotta Have It” as Nola Darling maximized her options to determine what she wanted and did not want in a man. In 1986, this was a big thing to be portrayed on the screen, especially in black cinema. 5b44e865b13cfa8f47f045dd7ddc3617Considered taboo at the time of the release, Lee also delves in to lesbianism with the interactions between Nola and her lesbian friend Opal (played by Raye Dowell) which also offered another potential option for Nola to introduce to her complex love triangle. Sexual freedom creates situations that eventually allow the opportunity for emotional attachment as well as emotional confusion. The film allows us all to see each character experience the aforementioned attachment and confusion at different times.
Fast forward thirty years later and if you look around, society will still tell you that SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT. Both men and women interact with each in the same manner as Nola, Greer, Jamie, Mars and Opal; remnants of seeking love, affection, acceptance and emotional stability outline many relationships today.IMG_20160807_024455 The beauty of Nola Darling was that in her spirit of being a free woman, she was honest and open with each man that she was involved with, essentially allowing them to proceed at their own risk. Can women and men both learn from “She’s Gotta Have It” in 2016? Absolutely. A true understanding of self in all areas will provide you a foundation for anything that you want when it comes to relationships. Denying yourself in any area of your life could ultimately lead to self destruction in the same way that over indulgence destroys oneself.
“She’s Gotta Have It” forever changed pop culture with the introduction of one person; Mars Blackmon. Michael Jordan’s “Air Jordan” sneaker created in 1984, was available to the public in 1985. The buzz surrounding the shoe was magnified by the NBA’s essential ban of the sneaker due to it’s color scheme not adhering to the leagues team uniform standards. Enter Mars Blackmon.
JORDANSTRIP The love Mars Blackmon had for his Air Jordans may actually have been stronger than his love for Nola Darling, considering his refusal to take off his Js when he had sex with her. “$50.00 sneakers and I got no job” sums up Mars and not only his affections for his shoes, but his priorities as well. Today millions of people across the world (both men and women) feel the same way about their Air Jordans, centering their life around everything Jordan shoe related. The fictitious character of the Brooklyn B-Boy Mars Blackmon was loved by Nike and created the avenue for the “Mars & Money (Michael Jordan)” Nike commercials that became instant classics in not only the world of shoe culture, but pop culture as well. Spike Lee was asked by Nike to direct a series of commercials for Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan shoe collection and the rest is history.
The everlasting beauty of “She’s Gotta Have It” is the fact that each of us can identify with any of the characters in the film in some capacity.SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT, John Canada Terrell, Spike Lee, Redmond Hicks, 1986 Whether you are the hunter, the option or the prey, you have been Nola, Greer, Mars or Jamie at some point in your life. The lesson we can all learn from the film is that how we allow relationships to build can define what they essentially become. Spike Lee’s masterful debut project not only opened up dialogue about love and sex in the black community, but the film also paved the way for more black producers and directors to enter the world of cinema with their own thoughts, creativity and story lines. An investment of $175,000 (the cost to make “She’s Gotta Have It”) on the part of Spike Lee and 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks created a new platform for black directors, producers, actors and actresses, that until 1986 was relatively obscure. For this contribution we are forever appreciative of Spike Lee and “She’s Gotta Have It.”