A Conversation With Malik Muhammad, Founder And Owner Of Malik Books

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By David Jordan Jr

The heart of the soul resides in what is fed into it. Some people feed their soul with food, some feed it with music. For many individuals of the world, a book nourishes the mind, body, and soul in a way that none of the aforementioned ways could ever do. Books not only enlighten and inform, but books also have the innate ability to change lives forever. Malik Muhammad, owner of Malik Books, an African American book store in Los Angeles, California has a true understanding of the power of books. Originally hailing from Maryland, Malik is a graduate of the University of Southern California. As a scholar, Malik was able to attain knowledge from the required readings during his years of schooling but it was the books that he read on his own that enabled him to not only become totally in tune with himself but also help him in realizing how he can impact his community and the world. Founded in 1989, Malik Books is a bookstore that has given a permanent voice and outlet to black authors all over the world. Established authors and new authors alike can all be found in Malik Books. Books on any and every subject can be on the shelves of Malik Books in addition to exclusive pieces of art and fashion pieces. Recently Malik talked to ESHE Magazine about his book store, the inspiration for the book store, and the importance of Black entrepreneurship and ownership.



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