Shemeka McNair | CEO Of The All Mei Collection

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By David Jordan Jr

A Touch of elegance. A scent of euphoria. The All Mei Collection soy candles are truly unique in not only their invogorating scents but also in its physical appearance. The handmade candles are carefully crafted with various fresh flower petals and natural soy wax. Packaged in a yellow gold container, this candle adds a unique presence to any room in your residence or to a desk or shelf in an office space. All Mei is short for “All Motivation Empowerment & Inspiration. Shemeka McNair, CEO and the creator of the All Mei Collection talked to ESHE about her collection and her brand Coach Mei.

David Jordan Jr: What inspired you to create the All Mei Collection?

Shemeka McNair: I launched the All Mei Collection as a stem from my coaching brand Coach Mei. I wanted to offer to others what I once needed. I wondered how many people felt like me. How many people out there just needed a push, some type of inspiration or a little motivation, someone to empower them when they could not do it for themselves. I became what I needed and decided to share it with the world. I became Motivation I became Empowerment and I became the Inspiration. Outside of empowering my clients, I decided to offer a collection that will exemplify my message. I created products they can wear, take into their homes and even gift to others.

David Jordan Jr: Each candle has a unique name to accompany the specific scent? Explain your process for the candles you create?

Shemeka McNair: The candle-making process is very therapeutic to me. It grounds me. As an OIF Army Veteran, many of us have insomnia and to combat that I made candle making my late night hobby. On the nights I cannot sleep I find a nice playlist, turn on the music and I turn my workspace into a therapeutic lab. I customize all of my scents as well as the names. I allow the names to come to me, I do not force it. For instance one of my Best Sellers is named Shimei. I did not plan the Mei in the name it just happened to flow with the brand. One of the meanings of Shimei is That hears or obeys, my reputation, my fame in which I think is profound the candle holds up to the name. It is my most talked about candle. Everyone loves it. I am really big on meaning; everything has to have meaning. The goal is to create positive atmospheres in the home of every person that lights my candles.

David Jordan Jr: You have other items in the All Mei Collection; Could you tell us about these products?

Shemeka McNair: My collection includes apparel, home decor, and natural beauty products such as fragrance, body oils, and soap. My T-shirt line has been very effective in making positive statements with quotes such as “Men Have Standards Too” I created this shirt for men so they know they do not have to settle for less than the best. Normally it is women who promote their standards and I want men to know it’s okay to set a standard as well. “Enjoying My Singleness” I created this shirt for women to let them know that you do not have to wait for a companion to enjoy life and I want others to know that you do not have to be miserable while you wait. “Yes I am Single” was created to be an icebreaker for shy women or men who fear asking a woman are you single? The shirt does all of the work. Overall I want my items to make people feel good, smell good, and be in a good state mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Visualization is so important which is why I created products to wear, to take in your home and to hang on your wall. My goal is to drown out the negativity with positivity.

David Jordan Jr: You’ve had a multitude of success in your life in various areas; the military, in entertainment, as an author, as a minister and also as an entrepreneur. You have made it a priority in your life to be a woman of positivity and inspiration in all that you do. How do you approach each day and what is your life motto?

Shemeka McNair: I approach every day as its own. I never live in the past and I do my best not to worry about the future because all I truly have is now. I keep in my mind why I started and I allow that to push me. I never want to live life with regret so I do what’s in my heart even when I am scared. I have one main motto that I apply in life no matter what stands before me; “I Don’t make excuses, I make it happen!” There is so much more to come I am just scratching the surface.